Art! Who goes there!?!?

July 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

What’s up people!

Its only right that I introduce myself… So, I am Picasso Russell the Founder/CEO of The Premiere Poet Society.(& YES! my government, birth given name IS Picasso!) but since we are all going to  be really close friends you guys can call me Pico, P, or Premo..whatever. its cool.  First off, i want to welcome all you creative minds to The Premiere Poet Society.

I’m starting this organization with the hopes of reaching youth in inner city schools, churches, other clubs and organizations to aide in finding and exposing the artistic potential of young minds early on. As well as providing artistic outlets for individuals to express and showcase thier creative works.  This can range from Fashion shows to poetry slams. What ever, the artists’ choice of expression is we provide. Monthly meetings at a local starbucks, or park. Art shows at various college campuses and High Schools, and much much more is just a hint of what WE have planned.


there is a minor catch. This is a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION. a charity if you may. so therefore I’m looking for only the most Ideal indivuals to join me in this effort.

So therefore, as the 1st step I have put together a simple application for all those interested to fill out. Once it is completed I will post it as a PDF file, so you will have to do is fill it out and email it to me, or fill it out print it and mail it.


PEACE! for now.



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