PremierePoet x T.A.S.K Productions presents FlyBoi Radio “rare like a black diamond in white sand…”

August 24, 2008 § Leave a comment


Those are the words I heard @ 12 pm this past thursday… I paid a long overdue visit to my man Tobi ‘TASK’ Smiths’ Live broadcast of FlyBoi Radio on college parks own WMUC 88.1FM.

So the other host and fellow JFK High School alumni Isaac “Zeek” Liverpool left for school, I stepped in to co-host. The show was hot! just to say the least. We had me(PremierePoet), college parks own “BLACK DIAMON”!(who ROCKED STUPID HARD @ SANTE FE!!! big ups to them!), Infamous L. and some more people come through!

anywho… be sure to keep an ear out for  FlyBoi Radio every Thur. @ 12, WMUC Radio 88.1fm, and look out for Black Diamond! “rare like a black diamond in white sand…”


The Societys’ Stamp of *APPORVAL*

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when it comes to music, i am a sucker for a song with substance, meaning, and just pure originality… this track “My Life” by The Game FEAT Lil Wayne is MOS DEF a perfect example of what i mean… Game is an exceptional lyricist even without the production of Dr. Dre 😦 or being the sidekick to G-Unit, and now with his 3rd solo LP he still manages to impress me. especially being from the west coast…and Lil wayne just adds that “just right” to the track with the tweaked voice like in “Lollipop” of The Carter III…

The Game Ft. Lil Wayne- My Life.

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