Keep an iOut: Michael Duestch{Creative Writing & Poetry}

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LOOKY HERE! a long awaited spotlight is finally on…!

this dude probaly has been writing for years now. I went to high school with him, i dont remember much of it but I do recall him being in about 1or 2 classes of mine JR. & SR. years… but now that he & I are more acqainted I have had the pleasure of reading some his work..and its AWESOME! from poet to poet we relate to each others passion for writing. He writes in such a way that gives him an ora of like a teacher or poetic“Guru” … He just puts soo much into his words…Just amazes me.

So, welcome the 1st memeber to The Premiere Poet Society…

Michael Boy Dynasty Duestch

“It’s Reality”

Seriously I am happy
Seriously I am sad
Secretly I wonder what to think
Sincerely yours, I am glad
Distinguishing what is real based on what and how I feel
But what if I couldn’t see it; yet I know it’s still there
Wonder if people that stopped talking to me still care
Perhaps I am my own worst enemy for being there for you
Very few people have been there you know who you are and you know that it’s true
You damaged the heart of a good soul what did I ever do to you?
But it doesn’t matter anymore; I’ll live for the future
I’m ready to see what’s ahead as life can be bad it must be better off than being dead
Even if you can’t feel me one day you will
Even if you can’t see me trust that you will
I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, and I’m only human
Just like you were more in common than you thought
Look at the pain we have been thru
When I reflect on where I am I know that I’m wrong for letting those go
I haven’t done anything wrong it’s all inside of me all inside my head
But I’m strong I let the pain you caused continue to eat me away
I sit here and blame myself as if I had control on how to manage my days
Life is short it’s not too late change my ways
But if I change one thing I’ll end up changing it all
If I could go back in time I would have been able to save her, would have saved them all
But I wasn’t as strong then, this is now, this is who I am
You can’t see me, hardly know what it’s like to be me
Wishing that I would be there to make you laugh when you need to, to hold you when you cry if I have to
I’ll never be able to tell anyone how I truly feel
I hope to see you someday, hope that you’ll need me one day
Maybe in church on Sunday
I believe in fate and destiny
A reason for everything
Necessary to question anything
We live life in the wrong way
You’re entitled to your perspectives and theories
This world isn’t black and white
Whatever happened to the visions of the shades of grey?
You realize your life all wrong the whole way thru
So you walked away, head down in shame
Saying to whoever would listen you wouldn’t go back, wouldn’t change one thing, yet something holds you down
I wonder who will comment yet alone is still reading
Probably the same names and familiar faces
I already know what the comments will sound like
I might as well press the auto record and post them onto a sound byte

I keep hearing its good Mikey its deep
It’s real talk Mikey make me think good job now I’m going to sleep
I am back like there is no tomorrow
Maybe today could be the last so no remorse and no sorrow
No, I am not the baddest or cool
Maybe I am blind but I am no fool
I know when I am being used, hustled, and abused
I know about your schemes I am picking up the pieces of a dream, yet still have one
Somehow like a hurricane do loneliness comes out and creeps all up on you
Inside my head voices bang and the angel sings
Seriously if it could all end tomorrow
The end of my world the end to that I know
Wake up to all lies, no friends, no girls, no cars, no shoes, and no clothes
Living for today because it could all be gone tomorrow
Don’t dwell on the past because you’ll never get it back
The best way to remember is to still love them when they’re gone nonetheless my ticket to heaven is one call away
As I continue to write this my pain withers and starts to fade away too
Can you see me like I can see you?
Watching you, suddenly helping you through
It irks me your a good person works too hard, yet still struggles
You can count on me to be there
Someone who will always listen and someone who will always care
I’ve been rejected enough times if you knew you think I was pathetic
But the more I try to do right the more it seems I have to lie about
Look to see if what you’re doing is productive
Take a few seconds if you can, put the blame on me if you must
I’m use to it, I ‘m use to it all
All of the lies, deception, money, greed, jealousy and envy are these deadly sins within your personality
On a side note: I chose to stop writing because I felt like it was the only reason people would love and care about me, especially girls. Having this I guess so called gift with words of being a poet and always stay writing things poetically. The more days piled up I was getting worse to a point where my writing was garbage and belonged in a recycling can. I decided to come back because in my heart I knew I can and I still have it in me. Write reality, to continue and write truthful things, goals of writing bigger and better things. I too am America I’m living in the aftermath of Martin Luther’s Dream.
Let’s relieve the pain, make a toast to the good life that is ahead, let’s talk, and get to know each other, laugh and cry. We live for the moments that change us the good, the bad, and the ugly. Most importantly, I hope that together we can find what will save us a cure to whatever had, has, or may break us. I want to help you find your smile again it would be like finding a new found religion for me all over again.
I have my views like you, my theories as you may do too. I’ll make sure of it that I will not let you down, and you can count on it. I should thank you for allowing me to be the voice that is needed. I am the voice that is needed to be heard. I am the person that could become your everything. The type of guy girls should be with while guys hope I get shot.
The changing of a season= premature hating for no reason.
Mikey or you can call me…Boy Dynasty


Keep an iOut: Rashad Muhammad {Film & Grapic Design}

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**Rashad Muhammed**

Friend of a Friend but more or less an ARTIST…and The Society give props when it is due. I emailed this dude a couple pics just to get a jist of what he can do..and soo far I am super impressed. If your looking for a quick logo or maybe something to soup up your profile pic for Facebook or MySpace (lol) email this dude something!!!

also, like me. 🙂 he’s into film…so if any of you know Premo, you should ALREADY know I got some ideas and projects brewing for the future…!

check it out!

TPPS: PROJECT 1.0: The Lyrical Metronome

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 The Lyrical Metronome

you ask:

who, what , when, where, & why?

well here are the answers.

Who: The Premiere Poet Society

When: Winter

Where: A place with a stage, & a great sound system!

Why: The 1st big event for the society, as expected it will be a charity event. It is planned to be a combination of Live music, poetry, monologues, various photography & other visual galleries.

I’m looking for live music groups, actors, and of course MORE POETS! If you are interested, so I can get things rolling CONTACT ME!


call/txt: 240 997 4102

PremierePoet*POST: “Dear, Summer…” x Tell him, Tell Me

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“Dear, Summer…” by PremierePoet

She made me tap into the other half of me,

That other half of me tapped into different parts of me,

& those parts of me introduced me to the many entities of me.


I became everything I was afraid of,

I was,

what have never wanted to become.

A bright soul, now afraid of the light;

A dark knight, sinner amongst  angels, afraid of the day.


Afraid of the day only because of the dreaming, wishing I truly did have the things I was seeing;

So I aided my sleep, to escape the nightmares searching for peace beyond the realms of my well being.

The control of individual thought was lost at moments,

The desperation for companionship left me hanging from the noose of social acceptance.


She made me place my goals on hold,

Put a price tag on my soul for Satan to bid at an auction for my mind, as my thoughts lost value, just as my morale decreased and began to spiral towards hell, scorching inferno where my beliefs meant nothing…


She made me think without thinking,the true essence of the tipping point, so my hands are now tainted with the sins of others, my wrists are bruised with the remnants of the laws metal.


She made me bridge myself from place where true love and the heart….home.


She made me realize never to have expectations too high, especially when its her turn…


Dear Summer,

Dont EVER! fuck with me again!




“Tell Him, Tell me” by PremierePoet

Its ok shed a tear or two

But only when I am alone lost in the memories of me and you,

And what could have been…

regretting the past praying that God could time travel

Back to when I 1st laid on eyes on you…


It was a beautiful day in the life of the once luckiest man alive.

I, Loved.


You, Loved.




But now that time has reached its point

when tomorrow is never a guarantee and waking

to see your smile is a selfish desire that I share with no one,

I can only just sit and shed a tear or two

When I am alone lost in the memories of you.


I remember when you had a night with your friend and she told you just to confess….


Just to come out say what you had felt for so long,

I remember when you told me

You would suffer and endure what comes, becayse I was there for you and I was all that you had,

If you lacked my love  you were nothing, and willing to give up everything you posses; you asked that I forgive and accept you for imperfections and sin.



You made sure I knew that you loved me, and needed me, you wouldn’t brag or boast, get jealous, but you played your role, kept our love on the low, established love wasn’t loud. But if our love were to be music, it would be slow tempo of our heart beats mixed in with the soft angelic chime of your voice saying….i love you.


I remember when you told me,

When I was down you whispered in my ear that everything will be alright…and that is what touched me the most….


So yea…its ok to shed a tear or two, especially when I am alone with nothing but the memories of you…but thank you. You told me you loved me.


Your friend lauryn gives great advice and I thank her too…










one word…AWESOME!

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Kanye West

“Love Lockdown”



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