Way2Cool4Skool: John Legend “Evolver”

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I’m speechless….

John Legend is back, with another reallly good album, with REALLY good production, and REALLY good content..dude is amazing. I’m proud to say we have SOMEONE with actual TALENT coming from the R&B/Soul genre in my generation….Sorry T-Pain, Ne-yo, Dream, and the rest of you industry mules….

“Its Over” ft. Kanye West & Pharrell


Keep an iOut: Lady GaGa

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Quick Bio (Courtesy of wikipedia):

Stefani started hanging out downtown, performing in the Lower East Side club scene. Finding herself surounded by singers who all wrote the same style of music, she decided to do something fresh and provocative in the underground: pop music. In 2006, she started working with music producer Rob Fusari, with whom she wrote several of her early downtown hits like “Beautiful Dirty Rich”, “Dirty Ice Cream” and “Disco Heaven”. It was when she wrote the song “Again, Again” with Fusari that she created the stage name, Lady GaGa .He said she was “so theatrical and dramatic, so Freddie Mercury, so Radio Ga-Ga” while she belted out the song on piano, he started calling her GaGa around the studio as a nickname. She added “Lady” to the nickname to refer to the fact that she was born a female. Lady GaGa was originally signed to Def Jam when she was 19 years old but was unfortunately dropped after three months.In early 2007, she was offered a deal with Interscope, hired as a songwriter and partnered with singer/producer/songwriter Akon. While working on demo tracks for an artist signed to Konvict Muzik, Tami Chynn, Akon would have GaGa go into the booth to lay down reference vocals. Realizing her immense singing talent and after listening to her demo recordings, Akon later signed her to a joint deal with Kon Live.During this time, Lady GaGa joined forces with Lower East Side DJ/go-go dancer/performance artist Lady Starlight, who helped GaGa create her on stage fashions. The pair collaborated on many projects such as “Lady GaGa and the Starlight Revue”- a low-fi tribute to 1970’s variety acts which featured then-brunette Lady GaGa on synth, Lady Starlight spinning beats, choregraphed go-go moves, shiny disco balls, and hairspray, lit on fire and sprayed into the audience.

wow. she is serious….

I am sucker for hi-hats, heavy bass, and hard as 808’s when it comes to my music, so when I 1st heard “Just Dance” ft Akon, I couldnt keep still in my chair, i was like “WHO IS THIS?!!?” looked it up and BEHOLD! Lady GaGa! downloaded some more of her sh*t, I was feelin it… her latest, has tracks like “Brown Eyes”, “Just Dance”, and my favorite “Paper Gangsta”..homegirl is hot… listen toher, and then imagine this…. Daft Punk x MIA x Lady GaGa = hmmmmmmm???????????????? lol

check her out:

P.O.W.: “The Industry” by DMX

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Despite his seemingly effortless antics and acts of “niggatry” (lol) DMX is def in my TOP 20 of best MC’s of all time, and not that bad of a poet…especially when he is putting the music industry on blast….

this is a def poetry classic….

“Are Yall ready for some poetry mutha****as!!!!?!?”-Mos Def

V.O.W.: “Superhuman” by Chris Brown Ft. Keri Hilson

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thanks to my boredom, and bad habit of asking people random questions…I was having trouble deciding what the vibe of the week would be…so I asked a classmate of mine, and this is the result….and actually….I like this song too….Chris Brown IS THE YOUNG MICHAEL JACKSON(lol) that dude is SUPER talented, and hes dating ONE the BADDEST women IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW! this song is also featuring Keri Hilson….

good sh*t

PremierePoetSociety Member POST: “Junction of an Urban Queen” by Devon Smovetry Thompson

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No introduction needed, no quick bio, no application, no interview..this dude…man. when I found he writes, thats all I needed… The Premiere Poet Society: General Member- Devon Smovetry Thompson




This is a dedication, but more so to the idea of expression rather than emotions
To my UrbaN Queen not so scared after all..

“Junction of an Urban Queen”

It was the tender eyes
Of a gypsy dream
Bled to poison of kisses
That beamed
When we touch and you’re
Holding me the way she does it reminds
Me of
A childhood scene
When adolescence
Shape the world gentle as lies
Painful In time of truth
I will not call it the dreaded
Four letters
But dead I’m not love has proof
Breathes distension in my lungs
Buried in emotion
Why must I felt to know I want
Something that is bad for my health
I want you but need her
No ones strong like lust full grip
Hits me stronger than the scent of bullshit
Satan holds a crux
Deadly sin
Grin I still the adrenalin pierces my
Chest as sex will
When all filthiest of desire are fore filled
The angel of darkness indeed makes
My blood runs Cold pleasures
Must I be bold
The girl next-door life drain dull
And bore

Why do I lust for you strange
Lady who roll blunts blesses the air
With earthly essences and
Rubs my head
When the world gets me fret
Why do I love for you predictable
Lady soft and pure like snow
On Christmas morning
Massages her calves
Still she nags kisses on her breast
The world’s distress
The best of both worlds I know
It aint fair
must be selfish two hearts
Three souls bold I am
I excuse lost and can’t function stuck
Between these Urban queens’ junction

Premo Speaks: “Robocop”by KanYe West v. “Robotic Heartbeats”by PremierePoet

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Its’ cliche to say that great minds think alike…but in many cases more than one this is true… Well back in March of this year i wrote a piece titled “Robotic Heartbeats” where I am speaking in the issue of love and how difficult it can be especially when a person can put soo much effort and emotion into one thing but then after it all falls down it turns out to be not what they expected or worse. So the use of the word “Robotic” is just a symbolic way of saying the love, the person, the relationship, etc wasnt real/ artificial….

So now! with that being said today, ANOTHER song leaked from Kanye West’s upcoming Album “808’s & Heartbreak”, along with “Love Lockdown”, “Heartless”, & “Coldest Winter”, “Robocop” has just been leaked and yes.(again) its a track with him singing…which i truly dont mind….so far these tracks are extremely creative & have been on repeat on my  iPod…. but the song Robocop in many ways is VERY similiar to what i was trying to convey in my poem “robotic hearbeats” back in march…

soo with all that said…I just wanted to thank Mr. West for making something that I and MANY others can relate too…


“Robotic Heartbeats” by PremierePoet

From a pile of rumble, the creator was humbled.
staring down at the nothing that could be become a something, looking deep into its disgutsting beauty knowing  with a few twists and turns,
he would give it life…..



A Robotic Hearbeat…

I cared enough to love you a little, and loved you enough to care a lot.
The sad part is you didn’t seem to grasp that concept.
You couldn’t seem to take heed to the fact that. I am what I say I am, and I won’t be what you want me to be.
The sad part of it all is, the empty space where your heart was supposed to be, is where my heart is.
My heart sits alone,
Waiting for yours to be whole again;
To be your 1st, like you said I would be; just like you promised to me.
But your lies and broken promises came back to an empty space where my heart was, just sitting and waiting…
Grew impatient, traveled to other places…

Robo- Try again x 3

So, then I cared enough to like you a little, but liked you enough to really giving a fuck.
You slowly became the photograph that fades, overtime.
You slowly became that memory that just sits in the back of my mind…
I built that bridge, and i cried that river ready to cross. Looking down @ my reflection as my image and all that i gave to  US just washes away, flows with the stream, down, down, down goes OUR dreams. or maybe just MY dreams, b.c. they were the ones that only I SEE! you never really listened to me….

Robo- ……..

I wasted endless nights stargazing, wasted endless days zoning out. b.c you used to take me there. You used to open you mouth and speak, and i would just ride on the soft soundwaves of your voice into a cosmic world of intellectual thoughts.
Unless, wait…
that was never you.
you will never… ever.


Robo- Die
Die Robo-
Die my fake, lifeless, artificial love.STOP!
my Robotic Heartbeat.


And here is Robocop by Kanye West:

Kanye West- Robocop

PremierePoetry[CYPHER!]: “Red Lights”by PremierePoet & The Poet

October 24, 2008 § 3 Comments

This was actually just done today…I started it on my phone, and i kinda lost it for a moment…hit up a good friend of mine, and fellow memeber of The Society Thandi “The Poet” Pope…shes awesome…been writing for a minute, and this is the 2nd project she and I have worked on together.. soo its always fun to hook up again…

but here you guys go..its called “red lights” just a lil spoken word peice..hitting on some history, politics, sex, race..the works…perfect timing for the election coming up right? 🙂


“Red Lights” by: PremierePoet & ThePoet

When you hear the title of this the 1st thing you may think is;

Uh oh here we go again, another nigga bitchin’ about what he can and can’t do as a black man….



She too cool for that,

Yea, he too cool for that…

This is about being the big dog; the HNIC (translates head nigga in charge for my Anglo Saxton folks.)

This is about being “that guy” the brain, the Braun, the ONE!


I love it when the index finger is pointed @ me saying GET THAT NIGGA! 

And that blonde haired, blue eyed, pale face sneers @ my mere existence.


 I mean what can I do?

Lower my head, tip my 59/50, tap my heels, “yes’em massa” is my appeal?


Oh I know.


Pull out the sheep’s skin, play some Chuck D ,

 Then point a finger back that isn’t the ring, index or pinky!




Red Light!

I am a red light, you would have to stop and see.

Red is the color of caution, so the mind alters to take notice, the heart pumps adrenalines in anticipation, the eyes dilate to stay focused.


You wonder what’s next?




I am woman like no other!


Fellas can’t hang because,




 I am too INDEPENDENT and too STRONG!

But please believe you are TOO WRONG!
I don’t wait for your command, SHUT YO SHIT!


Bow down, and you wait at my hand.


Are you suprised?

That these brown eyes will have you stripped of your pride because I glanced yo’ shit from side.

You call me a black girl. But I am an African American woman!





I am a red light, you would have to stop and see.

Red is the color of caution, so the mind alters to take notice, the heart pumps adrenalines in anticipation, the eyes dilate to stay focused.




You call me a panther, yet I walk in the spirit of Ghandi,

You call me Detroit red, but I speak as if I’m King.


Black is what black is…


Dark , empty, undisclosed, inexplicable, forever, intense, mean, unbreakable, powerful, strong, prominent, rich, some say egregious,  creative, live, loud, high, lazy, hype,

We go on for days one word for each fallen soldier, one fist each beaten slave




Black is what black is.

I am,

I am,


A red light.

you would have to stop and see.

Red is the color of caution, so the mind alters to take notice, the heart pumps adrenaline in anticipation, the eyes dilate to stay focused. You wonder whats next?



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