“MP3 Jesus” x “Goodbye Goodbye” x “Kisser” by PremierePoet

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“MP3 Jesus”



Playlist: “I hate my life”.


Let it play,

let it play,

let it rain, and let the beat ride, rinse away the pain.

 you soak it all in so it stays.

The kick drums, and auto tuned voices attach themselves to your halo as the world lefts off your shoulder, you now have the stamina to not let a day go by.


You let your headphones rest on the side of your cranium;

you close your eyes and picture yourself flying. Your , Flying with the notes, gliding with the lyrics of your favorite song, floating with the synthesizers, you see your reflection in the album art.

It’s like your spirit speaks to the music so it sings the write song to heal your hurt.  Hear your cries, see your tears, and feel your screams.

Let it play love, let it play


Our god to pray to is a 12 track disc with a prelude

Our Allah’s that pawn a jihad is an40 gb iPod.

Our Buddha’s, that play slow jams when the times right,

We practice karma sutra

Our thumbs are nuns.


With our ears we speak,

With our eyes we think,

With our mind we see, that maybe! Just maybe everything will be ok…


Because your song, my song, our song….

Sang so.


“Goodbye GoodBye”

I made the mistake of not telling you.

It is my fault I remained silent,

I am to blame.

Loving you wouldnt have been easy,

but it was a game I was willing to play & win.


When I look in your eyes, my spirit is besieged

with your hurt and everything you have been through.

When I look in your eyes, I want to save you from your hell

bring to a better place you have never been to.

but, when you looked into my eyes you couldnt see that.


I am to blame.


Now, when I look in your eyes I see nothing…


Good bye.



Lost in the moment,

not wanting it end, even though it just began.

Burning with a fire
Your hands caress my skin…I’m cool.


My hands tour your body, searching for that spot,

Just to hear that soft whimper of pleasure.

A detonation of sin, who cares?


It’s a guilty pleasure of today,

So fuck the past, we don’t know the future,

So what we are doing now is a present that I wish would last….forever.


Burning with fire,

Your hands caress my skin…I’m cool

We tried to suppress
these feelings…

No more, No more.

She whispers, I can’t wait…

We dance in the dark.

The sweet taste of you,

& The sweet taste of sin.


How did we get to this?


It began with a kiss.













“The B-Boy” by PremiereMedia Arts x All Day Production

November 25, 2008 § 2 Comments

a quik look into the lifestyle of a b-boy…Interviews with my boy David aka D-Moe, and his boy Geff aka Toyz or Toyz are us…. BIG THANKS to my homie TASK for hooking me with some music for it…the opening background music is courtesy of TASK Productions… overall this was a great sub-cultural experience, and i personally think that this video is dope….but thats just me being dope…tell me what yall think…..



P.O.W: ITS A TIE!!! “Danger” by Amir Sulaiman x “You Move Me” Gina Loring

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November 21, 2008 § 1 Comment

I AM SOOOO SICED FOR THIS UPCOMING WEEK! there are going to be sooooo many AWESOME, AMAZING, & WONDERFUL albums dropping…and guess what? they ALL  are the V.ibe O.f the W.eek… i should make em the vibes for the rest of this year!!!!! they are all worth it…!

heres a nice lil list of all the crack being brought to your neighborhood!




AWESMAZINGDERFUL!!: Young Jeezy “Crazy World”

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this video is AWESOME

the song is AMAZING

and the album was  WONDERFUL!!! lol

no really… The Recession is DOPE! jeezy has stepped his sh*t up 110%!

check it out.

PremierePoetPOST: “Great Job Love” pt.1

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Great Job Love.
You did a great Job of shooting me down,
raw rejection of my effection, you are
no longer my affliction…I just wanted to make you smile,
I just wanted to prove I am NOT the past, but I wanted to be your future,
and a gift for today, so therefor I am your present…

but now…

I am, your almost lover.
thank you, good job.
You did a great job of shooting me down…


to be continued….




Way2Cool4Skool: “I Am…Sasha Fierce” by Beyonce

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SHEEEESS BACK!!!!!! Ms. Bootylicious herself has comeback with her THIRD solo album titled “I Am…Sasha Fierce” is alleged to be her best yet… as she introduces the other side of beyonce… I have heard mixed things about the album since its 1st official announcement of release. Compared to Dangerously in Love(2003), and B’Day (2006), its sooo much better. While listening to S. Fierce, I can sense the level of maturity that Ms. Knowles….ooopsss i mean Mrs. Carter as gone thourgh in her solo career. with songs like “Ave Maria”, “Halo”, and “If I were a boy” give you that inclitation….

“I am… Sasha Fierce” by Beyonce 7.5 out of 10




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