“12th Planet Part 1” by PremierePoet

January 30, 2009 § 7 Comments

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So this piece has been sitting and sitting….and sitting…for quite sometime and I just really could not figure out whether or not to put in the personal collection or share it with you guys..? well at the end of part 2 later on you will find out that there is a reason why I decided to share this with you guys… but I’m not going to go into detail about what this is about or anything like that until then… but here is part 1 of a 2 part series titled “12th Planet”…enjoy.

“12th Planet pt.1”

Thumbs flick the Bic, as I apply fire to what I see as a pen.

Aphrodisiac, gateway, call it what you want,

I am sinning, but this feels so right…

It is a great day.

Lips kiss the outer limits of cigar skin, a flavored tobacco leaf.

I take a breath in……….

Close my eyes,

Let it swim,


And elope with my brainwaves.

This gift from mother earth so sweet,

happiness, sadness, emotions sway; the room is spinning and my thoughts at play.

Recess with no retreat I speak my mind; pay the cost with no receipt. Yet I receive the message my angels sent from heaven, as spirits from the futures past converse with my halo.

I sit in a room with others, yet as I am flying. It is done solo.

Stars brush against my cheek, as it sings to me a memory of my great grandmother’s kisses. Oh so sweet. Her famous coconut cake, especially made for me, I can taste.

I pass the 4 inches of burning cigar skin…

Open my eyes…


Take a deep breath.

I wipe away the internal tears that I cried.

A sudden burst of insanity, I realize reasons why God keeps me alive.

Epiphanies emerge in their abyss.

Hormones eradicate from their peace.

Silence spawns laughter,

Laughter births sound,

Sound meets song,

Song kidnaps the mind,

The mind chooses to dance…

I feel a tap on my shoulder as the 4 inches is numbed to 1.

Is it my destiny to use my last breath & make it none?









To be continued…







Its almost done…

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give me a moment… to put some finishing touches to it…

“The Kill” by 30 Seconds to Mars

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It took me 2 years to figure out the song and the video…
but either this video is CRAZY! and the song is great!

P.O.W!: “Untitled” by Black Thought

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“Epiphany” by Chrisette Michelle

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DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.zshare.net/audio/547244607d09b2b8/

V.O.W!: “Will I Stay” Colin Monroe ft. Wale

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“…& this game we play, alot like spades, a heart dont matter with two jokers in the way…”

“Mafia Music” by Rick Ross

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Download: http://www.zshare.net/audio/5462367847cc9ae4/

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