P.O.W.: “Taking L’s to the head” by PremierePoet

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as the Poem Of the Week I chose something I wrote…I was bored going thru my own facebook. and came across my old notes I used to post on there and came across this one…. Its called “Taking L’s to the head” It was 3 am and I had a random idea to write something using all words that start with the letter L…


“Taking L’s to the head.”
Written 9.11.07

by: The Premiere

L? Does anyone really pay any attention to poor ol Letter L?
I mean look @ it. its soo beautiful.
I love that letter.
See I notice that…
Losers lust for love like lipstick lust for lips of a latescent pregnant chick. Or that one lickerish rich bitch chick that had mad fits when Mr. LickClit wouldn’t go downtown; Now she’s the L-word. One Lesbian short of a Lebanese misfit! One shady chick; She wasn’t legit wit anything she did in life, now she’s shiftless.  A loco locus that needs a lobotomy; she wasn’t satisfied wit shit now she wants to levigate her looks. Stupid bimbo libido wants to loop and limbo throughout life, trying to avoid loopholes.
She was once the lubra of karma sutra; A sexual logarithm that Lt. lucky lips got to kiss. Wanted to be VIP out of the ABC’s but didn’t make the guest list. So she just hung out like a lambrequin. Got high, Came down, now she’s a lateroversion. Damn.
Shes wants change, wants to move faster so switches to the left lane. Became a latitudinarian librarian. Looks @ her few life lessons, wants to illuminate her lifes blessings.
Large World, Small Girl: loxophthalmus

Everything to Gain, nothing to loose: lestobiosis

Born with, die without: limicolous

This unclear literature is ludicrous.
Make ya’ say o La-La, she was finally living La-Vida-Loca! Roars to the moon
like a lycanthrope.

Life. Live. Lights. Love.Lost.

Kept her eyes on the prize.
 Tryna get the cake. 
                                Lost the game.

Drowned in a lake….

I love that letter.

(No L’s was harmed in the making of this)


V.O.W.: The Introduction-Extra {mixtape}

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I have been on the HUNT for some local DOPE talent to put on the blog. and this wholetime its been RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE!! literally.

This is my mans, Extra. we met about two summers ago I believe… but anyway hes a real cool cat we chilled and what not… but heres my point…

he S P I T S. Not even gassin’ him up… but like I have been a witness to several ciphers and ummm dude goes INNNN!!

so this is his 1st mixtape with some dope beats, dope lyrics ANNNDDDD my other mans from high school Da Contrack is featured on the tape a couple times as well…

but let me stop rappin and let u listen.





DOWNLOAD: http://www.zshare.net/download/593907796ca4fed3/

(I actually just finished previewing it. its 1:49am and I have it on repeat right now. real talk this tape is mad chill…Night Riders ftw.)

Picasso Speaks…

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I havent talked to you in awhile. well,  I dont think it has been that long but either way. I havent really TALKED on my blog in a little awhile. but anywho, I just wanted to say whats up? and umm ultimately let you into my world. so umm where do I start, since my life is just soooooooooooooooooooo exciting! lol.no really, everything is gravy. I have come to really H A T E my job. like literally hate it. BUT then again I am grateful bc I actually have a job. so its bittersweet… I am finally back into some Video 100 classes @ school soo look out from some projects from PremiereMediaARTS, I’m not sure what this damned school has in mind for us bc the syllabi is soo vague. but thats fun of it all right?….and speaking of school. I realized that after all the 101 classes for my major. there really isnt a need for “film school” anymore. bc isnt it just all ones creative process from there? but whatev. the govt & mommy x daddy are still paying for it for now. so I’m going to just play my role and learn. but thats besides the point. I have noticed something about myself that has me interested in other areas in my educational career leading into my profession. So being a film major by default I dream of being “the next big thing”. but in reality. we all know the truth to that. so I analyzed the type of person that I am. and what I show a strong interest in. sooo here it is. Socio-Politics, Demographics, Film, Poetry, philanthorpy, oral presentation(no homo lol), pyscology, and art. sooooo where oh where could I go with that..? as a profession?  and I have a conclusion, that it might be teaching. yes, teaching. grade school, high school, or even college.but somewhere along those lines seems to a logical and lucrative route to take. its like I am garunteed a job teaching & with that I can help,teach and deal with all those socio, demo, and pysco areas of interest & with that compensation I could fund my own endvours of creativity. what do u think? I’m still sitting on the idea….

so, enough with all that thoughtful ish… there is an AWESMAZINGDERFUL day coming up. its actually the best and ONLY day of the year that matters. on May 9th, 2009 I turn 20 years of age. YUP!  MY BIRTHDAY!!! swwhheeeeeettt right!? yea I kno. soo as my GIFT TO YOU! I have a couple pieces I have been working on. one of them being “The Emancipation of Picasso.”- basically this will be an all out release of everything Picassso.(me) why not? Its 20 years worth of emotions, thoughts, events, people, etc. ALL OF IT! ANNNDDD I have “This is a story part 2” aannnnddd!!!! I’m going to break some hearts. hahaha nah. I’m kidding about that but I will announce something corny and self entertaining. I mean it isss MY blog…. lol

but thats about it for now. I think I’m going to do some VOW x POW  posts real quick and I’ll just hit you guys up again on the 9th.. 🙂



Rappers with 2 X Chromosomes!

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I heard this song from Nicki Minaj about a week or so ago and she COMPLETELY ripped it. and it got me thinking how Much I dig chicks who spit! lol

like seriously think about. who do you know out off ALLLL the females you have encountered can flow? so its a rarity thats taken for granted. since the birth of hiphop, female rappers have always played in the background. but when they do come to the mic THEY GOOO IINNNN!!!!! soooo

heres some of MY favorite female MC’s







JEAN GRAE! omg. now this chick. SHE S P I T S!!!!



***Lauryn Hill*** smh. words cannot even begin to describe…


Lil’ Kim


Missybet rip the runway 220208

Rah Digga


 again. this is not in order of who was better and all that other bs. its just MY favorite female MC’s…but either way U gotta repsect em!

“Say You Will”(Live Cover) by Mos Def

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not that I super OD Kanye Stan..but this is pretty good…check it out.

dopeness score: 8/10


download: http://www.zshare.net/audio/591028648d8e2c5f/

3P: Brain Juice.

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since when has Learning been fun?

college ftw.!


“Kinda Like A Big Deal”- Clipse x Kanye West

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dopeness: 9/10



listen: http://www.playcloths.com/blog/?p=623

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