The Summer I will never forget…

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RIP Jeremy & Justin Herring.


The memories I have of this dude are just sooo vivid.. which is why this is one pic I cannot get rid of… its still saved on my memory card. this was senior year in hon.english…the dopest class of the year… my class couldnt have been better… it was me up front, Black to my right, Tobi ‘TASK’ behind me,  and Marlon ‘Turk’ next to him. we didnt learn a damned thing but it was still fun to build such a strong bond with everyone… I remember when Black would fall slam asleep RIGHT in front of the teacher and like while we were reading she’ll ask Jeremy to read and he’ll wake up all dazed and confused lolloll.. even in Law class he did the S A M E thing.. i think the only class he & I did any real work was in T.V. Production… other than that. str8 LOAFED from 7:25am to 2:10pm until track practiced starteed and he and I would get into HEATED fry sessions. of course I would bake him for being dark ! lol and he would call me taco meats bc of my face…(I was/still faster than you in the 200 btw :p ).

good times.

I truly do miss this guy. like the title of this blog says. The summer I will never forget….

RIP homie. I (we) Miss you. tell your Justin I said whats up too


PremierePoet *EXCLUSIVE*!: The Chase Preview by J.Ferb

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this is for the OG blog fans ONLY! only those who follow me visit the blog aften know who this guy is.. and if you dont know, now you do… the homie, J.Ferb is B A C K ! blessing us with not just one… but THREE NEW TRACKS! off his upcoming VERY MUCH anticipated mixtape “Chasing Dreams, Not The Competition” COMING AUGUST 2009!

DOPENESS SCORE: 8 out of 10



Say Hello to…

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I have the Blackberry 9450 “Storm” now. It was time to upgrade from the Palm 755p that I had for quite sometime.. and ummmmmmm so far so good.. I love my device..


PremoVision: “Haven” Dir by: Frank E. Flowers

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basically. If you loved Crash. your gonna love this too…. and I  have a huuuggggeeeee crush on Zoe Saldana! hhmmm 😛


The Linguistics of…

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Erykah Badu.

“The Healer”

Humdi Lila Allah Jehova
Yahweh Dios Ma’ad Jah
Rastafara fyah dance, sex, music, hip-hop

It’s bigger than religion
it’s bigger than my niggas
it’s bigger than the government
(humdi luli lali lulo)
This one fa’ Dilla, hip-hop

we ain’t dead said the children don’t believe it
We just made ourselves invisible
underwater, stove-top, blue flame scientist come out with your scales up
get baptized in the ocean of the hungry
(Humdi luli lalilulo, Humdi lulilalilu)
My niggas turn in to gods,
walls come tumblin…(aaahhh)

Told you we aint dead yet
we been livin’ through your internet
you don’t have to believe everything you think
we’ve been programmed wake up, we miss you.
they call you indigo, we call you Africa.
go get baptized in the ocean of the people
(Humdi luli lalulilo)
say reboot, refresh, restart.
fresh page, new day, o.g.’s, new key…


V.O.W.: “What we do.” by Freeway ft. Jay Z x Beanz

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…had a bit of an nostalgic moment earlier this week…. I miss the good ol days… Premo x Turk = friends for L I F E . I love her.

P.O.W.: “What About Us?” by David Banner

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