“Chest Hair” by Picasso. (me)

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God’s hands have forever held a tight grip on my being.

Sort of like when my father held me for the first time. So firm,  so warm. I don’t actually remember the touch but I can imagine it as such.

Momma would bandage my wounds. Wipe my ass, wipe my tears from my woos,

I come home from school verbally abused, looking for arms to fall in or a shoulder to cry on. But daddy say let bygones be bygones and move on. Momma say sticks and stones….well you know the rest.

I heard it so much, I know it best.

 Aged with progress, negativities halted success. It seemed like for every 1 there were an extra 3  more steps; Backwards.

Smack in the face,

Like using a bad word, In front of grandma

I remember the great one, coconut cake on Easter. Yea she was the great one, in my eyes I was her favorite great grandson.

Memories of the good ‘ol days fuel my hard work to create some better ones

Manhood arises when I rise only to stare down at a little son of mine, so divine.

My imagination deceives me.

A  Man?


Mirrors reflect an image that isn’t how I perceive me.

No clouds, but a microscopic lens lingers above my head, ALL eyes are on me.

I slip, they fall.

I fall, they break.

I break, they shatter.

The raindrop effect is so extensive, its baffling.

My diversion from failure is mind over matter.

so when the windows open but they seem to high to climb through,

I don’t use a latter; I just get high enough, and then fly through.

Jill sang it best, she said the sky aint a ceiling at all, so let the levitation commence.

Its common sense, momma said reach for the moon you might miss but at least you be amongst the stars.

I look up from the dismal realm, at which I reside, looking at stars thinking just how far that is,

I look up and see my obstacles ahead, thinking just how hard that is…

Then I realize, a new chapter has begun.

I must write, I must share, I must care.

I must man up, and grow some chest hair.






*Picasso Speaks*:

so! FIRST! i want to thank you for taking your time to read this. i would love to know what you think. HONEST OPINIONS are very much appreciated. but anywho…this actually an old piece that i never finished and went back too. until now…because of recent events and a conversation i was very much inspired to say the least. but this one is very simple. this year i turned 20…so of course my thoughts, emotions and views towards alot have changed so i am mos def finding it interesting watching myself grow and accept these changes in my life…Ive noticed its a slow process..but hey theres a ssaying “slow motion is better than no motion”…it doesnt get any better than that. but before i begin to ramble which is what Im RREALLY trying to aviod… all my loyal readers know i NEVER EVER post poems that are DIRECTLY related to me..but hey….this is an exception… *release thereapy*.. but again. thanks for coming by!



PremierePHOTO: “Frenching” by Maggie Lee

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Premiere*EXCLUSIVE*: “24” [Mixtape] by DK aka Wayne Watts

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ok ok ok who remembers the post with the ILLLLL track “The Paper?!!?!

I KNOOOO alot of you do bc i saw that stats from when I posted it, yall were GEEKING over it, just as I was.

welll guess what.

the same artist has blessed us with a GIFT on HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

he turns 24 today so what a better way to celebrate than too drop an ILL a** tape.. and give it a title such as…24.well duh. how dope is that! Ive known homie for awhile I stay showing love here at the society he shows me love via twitter, radio etc. BUT! i wanna give a BIG THANK YOU for the shotout ON THE MIXTAPE!


PremierePoet Society go its 1st mixtape shotout! (im geeking) soooo

big ups to the homie DK! big ups to homie Tobi ‘TASK and JRG


DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



DKDOWNLOAD: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TFW268CA

The Linguistics of…

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“Dont Believe in Love”

I wanna go to bed
With arms around me
But wake up on my own
That I’m still sleeping
Til’ you go home

I can’t look at you
This morning
I should probably have a sign
That says
‘Leave right now or quicker’
You’ve overstayed your time

If I don’t believe in love
Nothing will last for me
If I don’t believe in love
Nothing is safe for me
When I don’t believe in love
You’re too close to me
And that’s why
You have to leave

Maybe I slept peaceful
On your shoulder
Your arm warm around my side
But it’s different now
It’s morning
And I can’t face your smile

The second that I feel
Your safe hands
Reaching out for mine
I slip away and out of sight
You’ve ovestayed your time

If I don’t believe in love
Nothing is good for me
If I don’t believe in love
Nothing will last for me
When I don’t believe in love
Nothing is new for me
Nothing is wrong for me
And nothing is real for me

When I don’t believe in love
Why do you care for me?
When I don’t believe in love
Nothing is real for me
If I don’t believe in love
You’re getting too close to me
And that’s why you have to leave
And that’s why you have to leave

If I don’t believe in love
If I don’t believe in love
If I don’t believe in love
Nothing is left for me
If I don’t believe in love
You’re too good for me


Picasso’s Picasso.

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“Les demoiselles d’Avignon”, 1907


P.O.W.: “Next Wednesday” by Mush

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“I write to revive the heartbeat of a generation gone numb.”

V.O.W.: “Popular Demand”(Popeyes) by Clipse ft. Pharrell x Cam’Ron

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man ive probaly listened to this about 35 times since i download it LESS than two days ago…

i REALLLYYY cant wait for “Till the casket drops”.they pushed it back AGAIN! first is was Oct, then nov.. but no! NOW! i must wait EEVVVVEEENNNN longer… until DECEMEBER! (8th) to be exact.

either way. listen to it if you havent already.


DOWNLOAD: http://usershare.net/2DopeBoyz/hszfhxkypyey


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