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I always take the 1st month of the year to get my life “in order”..basically getting everything into a routine. soo I’m going on a short vacay from the blog world for a little bit.. Ill be back no later than Feb.!!!! ūüôā




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HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE PREMIERE POET SOCIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-Peace & Love


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2010YOC x “Hope On Standby” by Picasso. [ Last Poem of 2009 ]

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“Hope on Standby”

by: Picasso.

Katrina sitting on a rooftop yelling to top of my lungs sun save me!

Bright shining star, I was raised to praise you.

But here I kneel, speaking , begging and pleading, for you sun to answer my cry.

In the darkness, I hide.

Sitting here, wondering why? With the decisions I’ve made

The paths you paved put the fork in the road, world on my shoulders. Which direction do I go?

Sun, you sent me through hell without a promising sign that heaven was close.

but little did I know, oblivious and blind, I couldnt see. that Sun, you sent a sun-angel to me.

Deaf and blind to your signs, you didnt promise heaven, but you showed hope…


I remember when I fought for the first time,  my verbal dismay led her astray into an

an Oblivion of wrecked emotion.

I was left sitting in a room alone head

hung low with nowhere to go  or no one to run to..

 I was tempted to Apologize, But then I realized that’ll it would of been a real lie. 

¬†So I sat….

¬†wondering why….

 for every answer I came up with I answered with

another question.

 Thought after thought permeated throughout 

My Mental….the average human uses less than 10% of its brain capicity.

Which is WHY I found it baffling I was using 11 on

something that wasn’t real but I can see and feel it.

 So I sat.


 After a brief date with silence a polyphonic sound breaks up

The little bit of peace I resided in.

It was my phone an alert of some sort…

everytime I looked, I HOPED it was who I wanted it to be.

it was. everytime. it was your sun-angel.

the one you sent to me. the one who dragged me from hell and brought me to

the heaven you didnt promise, but showed me the hope. thanks for being honest.

Now God, I understand why , you kept hope on standby.






*Picasso Speaks: Being a poet, or a writer, or maybe just someone who isnt afraid to express himself. I have learned that therent arent many rules to follow. there isnt a set standard to what needs to be said and why. there isnt and shouldnt be a motive. but more or less at the end of it all, writing, should provide a feeling of accomplishment. For anyone,not just me. It takes alot. to sit down shut everything out and just…write…whether it be a note, a paper, an IM, etc. our brains have been programmed to pay attention to grammer and content. so when one does take the time out to write something down, ultimatley, I feel as though there isnt a right or wrong way of going about doing so. So with that said, I want to start this year off by reflecting back to 12.31.2008 when I was writing my last poem of the year going into 2009. and when I do think back, I just remember being soo full of regret and pain to the point where those emotions FUELED¬† what I wrote, and without it. that poem and everything that happened that year none of it would exsist right now…

whats my point?

well, its 2010 now. and 2009 just ended.. So as always I must write my last poem of the year. but heres where Im stuck. 2009 was a G R E A T year. it was what I expected it to be. it was a year that I spoke everything into exsistance, so Im stuck feeling like i need rekindle those emotions from 08 leading into 09 just to have the same effect for 09 leading into 10…but like i said before…there isnt a right or wrong way of doing this… I dont need such negative emotions and events to flourish in order for me to write… what would be the purpose? if 2009 was such a good year why am I having such a hard time building on it for the LAST poem of the year?

do you have an answer? I dont.

BUT!¬† I do know that if 2009 was so great why stop there? just have one good year, and just let the next stroll by? hmm no thanks. I call it “2010YOC”… which means: 2010 Year Of Capitalization.

2010 is the year to BUILD on the foundation I set in 2009. its the year to Upgrade, make better, update. theres no use for “starting over” thats too time consuming. Forward progess is all that makes sense, capitalize on all that was a success.2010 will be a year that broken bridges will be fixed and made stronger… and for every new bridge that was erected in 2009, in 2010 well.. it can ONLY get better..

2010, the start of a new decade & The Year of Capitalization.

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