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sup guys,

just wanted to stop by let you guys know i havent forgot about you!

ive just been M A D B U S Y!!!!!!!

and trust me, when I come back full swing, I HAVE SOME SERRRIIOOOUUUUUSSSSSS SUPRISES for you!!!



What I have been jamming too….

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once again, I figured I would give you guys an inside look into what gets played on my iPod on a daily basis.. so here it is, for the past week this is wha tI have been listenin too:

( I even have some links for the mixtapes 🙂 … if you want the albums email me )

**Picasso Speaks: ok ok ok soooo this one ^ ^^MAN OH MAN!!!! I dont know if your a freeway fan but really it shouldnt even matter is album is sooo hiphop its not even funny!!!!!! toooo ill free is going IN bar after bar after bar, the beat are ILL… dope features such as Young Chris, Bun B, ANNNNDDDD RAEKWON!!! #cmonson LOL  I beg ofyou to P L E A S E go buy this album!!!!!

**PicassoSpeaks: ……. just download it… thats all i really have to say, son SPITS!!!!!!!!!! and  L I S T E N to what hes saying. your jaw will drop!




PremoVision: “The Box” x HBO Original Series: “How To Make It In America”

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The Box

Dir by: Richard Kelly

V.O.W.: “Flames Go Higher”- by Eagles Of Death Metal

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P.O.W.: “Scene 1:Soaring into the days of love.” by Jassmire R.

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to be honest, I havent been writing. why?

well this is why. I have invested alot of time in mentoring the writing skills of my girlfriend..for the past couple months or so I have been her mentor for speech, and writing. especially the writing. in the past this was something she (as well as others)was afraid to do, poetry was NEVER an option for someone like her. but #1 thing I told her was, its YOUR writing and you say what YOU want…soo basically, i think she got it…

soo check it out. her 2nd contribution to premierepoet society.

“Scene 1: Soaring into the days of love”

by Jassmire R.


“Soaring into days of love”

Non stop love beats of passion that’s longing for that touch.
One touch from better days
Days away from you, Your away from me,


Waits … Waits… Waits…

In a blink of an eye…  Nothing!; Nothing but Me wanting you…


Love is put on pause for a divine time for Us to soar into love again

Waits… Waits…. Waits….

Love beats , beats faster & faster.
When the day come for us to resume, one touch will be in a blink of an eye



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