“25th Hour” by Picasso. (Written x Video)

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Clickin pictures of the exes

Memories no more, reckless.

Plottin’ my exit

Three, two, one.

One death wish

What’s next kid?

Foursquare, dodge ball

Dodge life

Duck struggle

Run quick

Hurdle the future.

Manhood gotchu, morning sick

Oh shit.

Blink twice

Youth no more in numbers

Reminiscent of the good days in your slumber

Forever young at heart

Recess start,

No end,

Tunnel vision, optimism is thin.

And then,

Clock strikes 12.

Pats ya self down, still in one piece

Previous night you slept in peace.



need your nutrients for your doom

Evade the inevitable,

Flip the bird

You are incredible.

Victory to come soon

Cupid bring parcel of love to you

Special delivery.



Sunrises to be specialties

Of Gods work

Rare like a clean shirt on a refugee

Survival of the fittest

You master the techniques

Still remain unique

Proper English, but foreign language you speak.

Loose tongue,

Freedom of words.

Censor your thoughts,

You look forward to when things fall apart.

What’s next kid?

Where’s the exit?

Rumble young man rumble!

Rumble young man rumble!

Deep breathes, not sighs

Loud laughs not cries

Look up, moonlit sky

Look around angel amongst them

Darkness makes sounds

Daylight noir

Mirror your past learn from reflections

Know who the “ you are” is…

Last grain of sand in the hourglass,


Hello, man.

25th hour.


“1st Time For Everything”- PREMO [mixtape]

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DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!! :







“You rap?…I try.”

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ok so, My birthday is coming up (VERY SOON actually) and every year I always “treat” myself by buying myself one or two cool gifts from myself to myself…lol….o_O (dont ask)   its always something that I dont need but actually want, so for the past couple years or so I have been buying random seemingly useless stuff. Mainly clothing or something very materialistic and spurofthemoment-ish. BUT this year I am turning 21.

which, is kinda like a big deal.

21 is that turning point in alot of ppls lives and I feel like it would be the same for me.

 soooo for my birthday this year  I decided to make a mixtape.


you read that right…

I’ve been writing since I was 11. and began to take it VERY serious nearly 4 years ago. In that time frame I kept getting reactions like “man I cant wait to hear you live” or “you should get that recorded”. and that was feedback geared towards my poetry, during this  time I NEVER, ever, wanted, tried, or even thought about “Rapping“.

BUT now, as well ALLL know “spoken word” and “rapping” are basically two in the same. one is ultimatley derived from the other. they compliment each other. so for me, I said to myself. Now what can I do for my 21st birthday that  I can look back on 21 more years from now and say “wow. i did that….” lol

and I came up with this.

a mixtape. a recording of me.

I recorded my favorite and most popular poems, and recited them accapella. as well as a FEW tracks where I went and googled some industry beats and ATTEMPTED to rap over them.

So far (since its NOT completely 100% done yet) Its decent. its actually shockingly decent. and its something I think you all should listen too. In a notsocockyway its actually pretty damn good….


as of right now Im just letting you guys know whats going down on 5.9.10.

I will drop my FIRST AND ONLY RECORDING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its titled:

1st Time For Everything

*more details to come. as well as a FULL download of the mixtape  set to drop 5.9.10


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