Dear Summer,

August 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

Im not sure if i did a post in the past leading up to this season whether it be a Picasso Speaks… or even my 2010YOC rant at the beginning of the year but I basically came into this year with high expectations, and I entered this season with a particular level of  higher expectations. but…. as much as I regret to say I  absolutley regret doing so.

Summer, summer, summm…er. where do I begin?

first off, you have never been my favorite season to begin with… I truly appreciate waking up to cloudless skies and temperatures in the 70s at 6am.. believe me I do, those mornings are priceless… but all in all you and I really havent got along. its like year after year after year you throw me for some type of loop and for the remainder of the year Im left submerged in deep thought trying to figure where I went wrong… and well guess what. summer.

you did it again.

its 2010, I turned 21 a little over a month before you began. and with that fact alone, I came to you with a new outlook on life, optimism was beyond high, my level of maturity was where  I needed it to be, and socially I was well equipped to enjoy the company of a select few that I  have close to me…and then you began. and you lived on.

day after day goes by. those days  turned into weeks. the weeks turned into the short lived months that make you. and here I am at the end of it all, completely dissatisfied with my stay. and yet again, you threw me for loops. lots of them actually. you spent this season teaching me lessons, and planting these seeds in me that I think you would hope can grow into something big and fruitful. but at the sametime I didnt enjoy my time with you as you seem to have to with me. I was forced to create my own realms of happiness, now dont get me wrong I obsolutely do not mean to sound so dull and negative. but I just want to get my point across as to why exactly you find these subtle ways to torment me? lol torment. I dont think I have ever used that word.

any who, I think im going to let you slide this year. for one reason, I think this season was meant to show me signs of what it is to be a “man”.. yanno with the whole turning 21 thing.. you constatly put obstacles in front of me where Im there to decide one of two things. Do I go left or do I go right? and then as I have learned in the past how does this effect my tommorow in the literal and figurative sense. and when i was faced with these obstacles i was highly annoyed, every s  i n g l e time i wanted the answer given to me. but noooo this time around it was POW! obstacle! figure it out on your own… man oh man.. so  was it a journey yes. am i upset no. its just that this ONE time the low’s out number the high’s and summer. my good ol friend… I will look forward to seeing you again and I will be prepared for what you have in store for me…




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