The Premiere Poets are a group of prominent and extremely talented young artists in society, whether they be painters, writers, poets, or actors these individual s are born leaders within their own sub-cultures; and can exert such a high level of creativity within their craft that makes then so distinctive from the rest.

This attribute alone, is what makes them so “Pure, Raw, & Uncut”.

This is a group that will give these artists the opportunity to showcase their talents, and explore the realms of their craft. Before this group will get into full swing a lot of the members has never had their painting shown in the local art show, they didn’t have the stomach to audition for their schools upcoming stage play, or they haven’t even heard of an “open mic night”. This group will present these opportunities to its members as a door to bigger and better things.

This group is for those who illustrate passion for their art; For people who can’t go through a whole day without singing to themselves, for the person who keeps the small notebook and pen in his back pocket, for the person who’s mind is constantly thinking outside the box, and want to be among others who do the same.

It means a lot to be a Premiere Poet, it means to go above and beyond any and all expectations, it means to never stop what you do best, it means to differentiate yourself from the rest, it means to find within yourself what. You considered being creative, exploring the endless the boundaries, but most importantly, Being yourself. Or in this case being a ‘Premiere Poet’!



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