P.O.W.: “Dear, December…” by PremierePoet Boy Dynasty

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Dear December,

I need your help.
I wish it would just be here already.
Not ’cause I’m looking forward to graduating, but seeing the girl I love.
All I ever wanted was a chance to be with her doing whatever and having fun.
Right now, I can’t do any of that.
I can do everything else if she lets me and wants me to.
I wish she needed me, though.
Nothing hurts more to love someone when they are confused and don’t realize what’s being done for them.

I never had to be there.
I wanted to and I still am. And it feels like now I’m the one being pushed away.
Some love lasts a lifetime. But true love lasts forever.
A relationship that’s forever, with no ends.
But what I have is more than just a connection.
I have someone who I feel is truly special.
A girl that deserves to be happy.
Someone who deserves to be loved. But to be loved by me.
The longer she’s away from me, the more I want her to be in my life.

I don’t just love her because she loves me. I love her because of who I am when I am with her.
It hurts me to think that this could really be it. That its over. That I should just leave and find someone else. But thats not what I want to do. Would she really be happy though? Finding someone else. Finding a guy like me is difficult. but not impossible.

Maybe she will find someone else that is like me. Or she sees something in him that reminds her of me.
She always said we were two hearts as one.
And distance has brought us to were we are.
The only difference is I know who I love and always will love. NO MATTER WHAT.
I’m not going to just sit here and lose the most important girl in my life.
I will always be here for her. I know so.

I just wish December would come here sooner.
I don’t know about her, but I won’t just live my life without not getting the chance to spend time with the girl I love and care about more than life itself.
It’s painful that the messages are no longer the same. I call. The signal is always busy.
Having to almost plead just to speak to the only person in the world you actually want to talk too.
She said I was her no.1 and was the one who understands her the most.
Maybe one day she will realize that I won’t do anything stupid to hurt her like all her other boyfriends did…



The PremierePoet Society 2.0

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whats up people it is I. Picasso, Premo, Pico, THE premiere poet, or whatever else you people call me. lol I just wanted to take the time out and THANK everyone who comes by the blog every now an then, and those who are weekly visitors! I must say I am flattered. 😀 BUT!!! guess what! i got some news….. (drumroll!) well.. then again maybe its not “news” but or less a P.S.A….

For those who have been apart of The society since day one, you know the overall message and purpose of the group. But if your new to the society, we are an organization of artists that just love to constantly create, and show appreciation for the creative.(In simpler terms.)

anywho, back to the subject at hand. The blog is going into its 2nd year (hence the 2.0) and I think I want to take the society into a different direction. I want to keep the same focus and purpose but I also want to incorporate more of a “variety” to say the least. sooo far the society has showed HUGE love and appreciation for artists, poets, writers, rappers, MC’s, and photographers…. within the next year. I want to add more. I want to have that and then some! I love ALL my poets the constatly contribute thier work to the society, but…. I would love to see more of the fashion designers, interior designers, graphic designers, sketch artists, graffiti artists, etc. basically I want the blog to take a more Artistic and more Passionate approach to everythig now.

also, I want to also make this blog more personal. for me. Now that I dont use facebook anymore, (I guess) its a good idea to make “ME” more accesible to the world… I HOPE this is a good idea. the rise of blogging is at an all time high, and I dont really want to be railroaded into a catagory. :/ (with that being said) I also want to say that: THIS IS NOT A HIP HOP BLOG! (i repeat) THIS IS NOT A HIP HOP BLOG! soooo I appreciate the emails for mixtapes to be posted, trust I really do, but thats not ALL that the society is about. hit up my man 100-grand Rasheed @ www.datsdope.blogspot.com for that type of exposure.

BUT! again back to what this is about!

its a new day! the blog is a year old, going on two and its time to hit the REFRESH button. we got a NEW team, and NEW focus, and a NEW outlook on life! 😀

soo with THAT being said I want to introduce the new leaders of the society….!!!! (**= new)

Founder & Poet: Picasso R. (Me.)

Photography: Marlon S. & Alexa H.

Head of Poetry & Creative Writing: DeAnna C. **

2nd Head of Poetry: Michael D.

3rd Head of Poetry: Thandi P.

Head of Film & Visual Arts: Jonathan B. **

2nd Head of Film & Visual Arts: Jenay S.**

Head of Music: Tobi S.**

2nd Head of Music: Jamal F.**

3rd head of Music: Rasheed S. **

Head of Graphic Design: Rashad M.

Head of Fashion: Imani P. **


The PremierePoet’s:


‘Boy Dynasty’– Michael D.

‘Preacha’z Son’– Mike W.

‘ThePoet’– Thandi P.

‘Radiant Theory’– DeAnna C.


‘LoveChild’– Merv B.

‘MakeLove’– Precious P. 


‘D-Moe’- David H.

‘J.Ferb’– Jamal F.

‘DK’– Wayne W.

Devon T.

“Pure, Raw, & UnCut Talent”


“That Girl” by Radiant Theory [a.k.a. DeAnna C.]

August 20, 2009 § 1 Comment

“That Girl”

by: Radiant Theory

I wanna be that girl you thought you forgot
That girl that shows up years later
In you perfect little world
Equipped with the perfect life
The perfect girl
The perfect job
And turns all that bullshit upside down
The girl that makes you realize
That all you thought was so picture perfect
Aint so perfect with out me
Cuz see anything can look good
If you dont allow yourself to see better
An you been actin like you couldn’t see me for year
Just so your little fairytale
Wouldn’t turn into a reality
And come crashing down in front of you
Like the kid that sees his mom sneek gifts from santa under the tree on Christmas eve
I was your present
Not presently
But i mean i was your gift
That girl that balanced your equation
Put us on a scale we were equal
Eye to ey
Was a piss poor explanation for how well we saw each other
But now im just that girl
The one that has his girlfriend a lil bit worried
About what he still thinks of me
That girl
The one that makes you rethink her
and it becomes a lil bit less about love
and a lil bit more about common sense
that girl that has you thinking
“maybe this wasnt the right road”
Tho yesterday your job seemed fine
now your career bath looks partly cloudy
but ya life forecast was always clear with me
Im now that girl that got your girl second guessing you
thought she knew who you was
but now shes askin who?
“who was that on the phone?”
“was it that girl?”
That girl thats got her wonderin where
“where have you been all day”
“were you with that girl?”
That girl thats got her questioning when
“When were you gonna tell me yall were friends again?”
“when you left me for her?”
That girl
That girl you thought he had forgoten
That you had convinced him he was over
After he dropped the ball with me
you came and rebounded that shit
thought you could be that girl
but you forget im it
that girl
the one whom
a chance siting of after 4 years
in a supermarket on a busy sunday
can change everything
change what you thought you had
change what he thought you were worth
and now for the girlfriend who was so sure of herself
so sure of her position
things just got a little confusing
but trust
confusion will subside
and youll see hes not my past
hes just not presently my present
and if you thought that mattered
you clearly dont know our future
cuz to him ill always be the one
….not you
….im that girl
-Radiant Theory


P.O.W.: “Days Like This” by DeAnna Collins

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after a short hiatus.. one of our best PremierePoet’s have returned. with yet another awesome awesome piece…soo with the comeback I give the Poem of the Week too, DeAnna C.


“On Days Like This”

On days like this….when the sun meets the horizon just right
and the world looks beautiful
I swear i can see him

I remember his face like it was a fresh memory
Instead of what it was…
old tattered and what should be long forgotten
The contours and lines of it i could map out in my sleep
with out misplacing a dimple
or those laugh lines he gets even when he speaks
cuz see i knew that face

Had it memorized before anyone else took the time to notice it
Cuz see to me
that was it
I saw it
i saw him
Before you could even fathom what he was
what he could mean
what he would mean
past your silly expectations of him
or what you thought he should have been
I saw the potential
where as your vision
even the best corrective glasses couldn’t have fixed
but you were so sure you could fix him
even though nothing was broken

I remember his eyes like they were windows open to a view that was beyond beautiful
He saw everything and everyone for who they were
Most of yall couldn’t see past the shades
but I…..I was his bestfriend
the girl he pretended to date all through middle school
Just so the other boys wouldn’t think he was gay
Even though we all knew he was lol
He tried so hard to live up to everyone else’s expectations of him

But see thats were bestfriends are different
We dont care what you are
We just care that every min your around us you are exactly who you are
and you never try to be anything else
cuz thats when things get complicated
he’d swap out girl talk
ith having sex with girls
and shopping Saturdays
with Christian clinics
that claimed they could make him a lil less him
and a lil more god like
whatever that meant
i thought go liked everyone

But because he liked boys
i guess he doesn’t qualify for the same right s as i do
looking for a job?
“he better apply for a hairdresser or a fashion designer
…you know something those gays do”
Heh, right
and see its shit like that that make me lose my best friend
stupid ideologies
mixed with bad opinions
brought his life to an end even before it had started
and see theres no sorry
theres no going back
now ya feel bad that hes dead
say yall never saw it coming

But you saw it coming
you knew exactly what you were doing
from the moment you pushed him down on the ground and beat him till he bled
threw dir in his face and called him a fag
since they stole his stuff in the process
they didnt call it gay bashing
the cops called it robbery instead
cuz thats alot easier to explain on a college campus
even though the psychological damage is clearly different

He didnt get attacked because he was alone
because he was vulnerable
or even because he was in the wrong neighborhood
he got attacked because of who he slept with
the football player that led him on
made him think he was in love
but the second he took it to far ha, ha
and the bruises yall left
scared deeper then you thought
and since he knew yall would never let him live his life the way he wanted
he ended it
And its been 4 years since i found him in his room…bottle in hand
But im telling you…on days like this.. i swear i remember his face like it was a fesh memory
Instead of what it is


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