“The Paper” by DK

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THE HARDEST track floating around the internet right now..and I know I said I’m not going to post as much hip hop as I used too just So i can differentiate myself from actual hip hop blogs… BUT! this is an exception. just the mere QAULITY  of this song is unmatched!

produced by JRG and perform & written by a homie of mine DK aka Wayne Watts met hime about two summers ago at a classic session of FlyBoy Radio in College Park. since then we keep in touch via all social sites known to man lol. and we have some ideas brewing of doing a collab of some of my spoken word and his & JRGs musical genuis.

ok let me stop rappin’ AND LISTEN TO THIS SONG!



***GET LINK***: http://www.imeem.com/dkakawaynewatts/music/igdG4Ahm/dk-aka-wayne-watts-prod-by-jrg-the-paper/


“Ontological Argument: In other Words I’m talking to myself” by Picasso.

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Check, check
 The mic is on but my brain is off.

                                                                                                                                                                                What the fuck?

 Yea it’s just your luck.

My subconscious asks questions I speak back.

Tell him this:
                                                                                This aint rap and I rather not talk to myself.

So what do I do? I respond.
Sitting in a room alone having a conversation trying to figure out
exactly why I can’t do what I want to at that moment.

What is it I want to do you ask? All I want to do is write.  I just wanted to come in here sit down and puts some words together that rhymed call it a poem and post it.

Yup that was the plan…


Well that just sucks for you.

                                                                                                                                             How RUDE!

I’m not talking  to you anymore.



Yea that’s me yelling at myself. Am
I crazy or just really good at what I do.



I did come in here to write, right?

Put words together that rhyme call it a poem and post it?

Well shit.
I just wrote this.









*picasso speaks*: get it?

V.O.W.: “Forever” by Drake Ft. Kanye West x Lil’ Wayne x Eminem

September 6, 2009 § 1 Comment

this track had the hiphop internet world going APE SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone was trying to conclude on who had the illest verse………….and I personally think it was Em…. but you can be your own judge..

BY THE WAY! I STILLLLLL dont like drake…. Im still really salty about his WACK A** performance @ LOVE that I went too….BUT! his verse. on this track is earning him some cool points back in my book. lol

OH! and its the Vibe of The Week because ummmmm yea. I played this ALL last week.

DOPENESS SCORE: 8 out of 10





DOWNLOAD!: http://www.zshare.net/audio/65155922bc031db8/

The PremierePoet Society 2.0

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whats up people it is I. Picasso, Premo, Pico, THE premiere poet, or whatever else you people call me. lol I just wanted to take the time out and THANK everyone who comes by the blog every now an then, and those who are weekly visitors! I must say I am flattered. 😀 BUT!!! guess what! i got some news….. (drumroll!) well.. then again maybe its not “news” but or less a P.S.A….

For those who have been apart of The society since day one, you know the overall message and purpose of the group. But if your new to the society, we are an organization of artists that just love to constantly create, and show appreciation for the creative.(In simpler terms.)

anywho, back to the subject at hand. The blog is going into its 2nd year (hence the 2.0) and I think I want to take the society into a different direction. I want to keep the same focus and purpose but I also want to incorporate more of a “variety” to say the least. sooo far the society has showed HUGE love and appreciation for artists, poets, writers, rappers, MC’s, and photographers…. within the next year. I want to add more. I want to have that and then some! I love ALL my poets the constatly contribute thier work to the society, but…. I would love to see more of the fashion designers, interior designers, graphic designers, sketch artists, graffiti artists, etc. basically I want the blog to take a more Artistic and more Passionate approach to everythig now.

also, I want to also make this blog more personal. for me. Now that I dont use facebook anymore, (I guess) its a good idea to make “ME” more accesible to the world… I HOPE this is a good idea. the rise of blogging is at an all time high, and I dont really want to be railroaded into a catagory. :/ (with that being said) I also want to say that: THIS IS NOT A HIP HOP BLOG! (i repeat) THIS IS NOT A HIP HOP BLOG! soooo I appreciate the emails for mixtapes to be posted, trust I really do, but thats not ALL that the society is about. hit up my man 100-grand Rasheed @ www.datsdope.blogspot.com for that type of exposure.

BUT! again back to what this is about!

its a new day! the blog is a year old, going on two and its time to hit the REFRESH button. we got a NEW team, and NEW focus, and a NEW outlook on life! 😀

soo with THAT being said I want to introduce the new leaders of the society….!!!! (**= new)

Founder & Poet: Picasso R. (Me.)

Photography: Marlon S. & Alexa H.

Head of Poetry & Creative Writing: DeAnna C. **

2nd Head of Poetry: Michael D.

3rd Head of Poetry: Thandi P.

Head of Film & Visual Arts: Jonathan B. **

2nd Head of Film & Visual Arts: Jenay S.**

Head of Music: Tobi S.**

2nd Head of Music: Jamal F.**

3rd head of Music: Rasheed S. **

Head of Graphic Design: Rashad M.

Head of Fashion: Imani P. **


The PremierePoet’s:


‘Boy Dynasty’– Michael D.

‘Preacha’z Son’– Mike W.

‘ThePoet’– Thandi P.

‘Radiant Theory’– DeAnna C.


‘LoveChild’– Merv B.

‘MakeLove’– Precious P. 


‘D-Moe’- David H.

‘J.Ferb’– Jamal F.

‘DK’– Wayne W.

Devon T.

“Pure, Raw, & UnCut Talent”


V.O.W.: “Soon You’ll Understand” [Mixtape] by Diz Gibran

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I probaly have blogged about this before… but I listen to this tape just about three times a week. lol safe to say I really do fuggs with it..! lol


DOWNLOAD!: http://2dopeboyz.okayplayer.com/2009/04/07/crooks-castles-presents-diz-gibran-soon-youll-understand-mixtape/

Jay-Z: The Blueprint 3

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ok ok ok I’ll admit.. I REALLY cant wait for this to drop.

{official cover x tracklisting}



Thriller Fashion by Terry Richardson

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if you dont know by now, my favorite photographer of this generation is Terry Richardson. sooo on sept 9th he will have this showcase of “Thriller Fashion”.. obvisiously a way to pay homage to the recent passing of our Pop Icon, Michael Jackson.

check it out.. I thought it was pretty cool.




via: kanyeuniversecity.com

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