PremierePoetSociety: “The Blueprint 3” by Jay-Z Album Review

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Alright it is. MY review of the long awaited "The
Blueprint 3" album from everyones favorite rapper Jay Z. Now before I
begin. I always have to state my position and why I am standing by my!

This is a review based on my own personal views and feelings towards
the album. My views and opinions are in no way influenced by an
outsider or third party. This literally me telling you why I may or
not like the album.

Sooooo the idea of a blueprint 3 had everyone in a frenzy that not
only is JAY Z dropping another album but its going to be a THIRD
blueprint !?!????? Nooooooo! This can't be true. But. It is.......

A few moments later we found out that THE hottest producer is going
to produce the entire album. Mr. Kanye West!!!! Nooooooo! And yet
again. That was true. Now I would say the overall feeling towards
that idea was 50/50. Because at that moment kanye was still on tour
going around the world singing & crying on stage in auto-tune sooooo
on the PRODUCTION side of things I knew BP3 was going to be
illllllllll! Why? Because ye did it.

So fast forward some more.....not only will Ye head the project BUT!
Other producers like No I.D., pharrell, and timbo pop up....whoa.
Whoa. Whoa..... Wait a second are these the same producers from BP x
BP2 !?! uhhh yea. But also some new faces.... Now! That's where I got
a little wierded out.


Same rapper, new sound? This should be.........interesting?

I mean... BP was a classic. So here's the third one...?  Its not an
american gangster...its MOS DEF not kingdom come 😦 nor is it a black
album... Sooo what is it?

It is Jay Z making GOOD music. Just down right pop the disc in a ride
out good music. Which in MANY cases nowadays is RARE among the
industry's leading artist. Jay managed to bring together
creative,unique, and untraditional artists and producers on this
album. Just because its blueprint 3 and a new JAY Z album
we(especiallly myself) have a high expection for him to provide us
with another "classic" well......ladies & gentlemen...... This is a

Yes, The Blueprint 3, is a classic.

why? Well simply because its an album of progression. The way we are
Accustom to listen to our music is ultimately not the same anymore.
 From the moment we press play to the very last second of an album.
An artist has already taken us with them.on a journey through their
minds and and creative process while entertaining us as well. From
this moment forward...there will be no such thing as a "standard hip
hop" album.

 From that being said. The blueprint 3. (to me) isnt THAT good. why? well its seems to be out of Jays comfort zone,
but on the other hand its his most creative work yet..
DOPENESS SCORE: 8.7 out of 10
bp3c-1*just my little 2 cents on the tracks.*
"What we talkin' about" ft. Luke Steele 
Ummmm this was quite boring to me, lyrically Jay is being...well Jay. but the whole melody of this track is
 annoying and I havent been to fond of Luke Steele...
"Thank You"
"hold your applause, this your song not miness.." I feel like this track should of been on The Black Album, Jay is
 really letting us know what hes done for the game..and well...
we should say thank you.
"D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)"
ILL TRACK!!!! like this is mos def one of those tracks I keep in repeat
 NOT ONLY IS HE lyrically MURDERING the track
but the sample is MMMEEAAANNN!!!!
those horns in the background, the drums,
everything is HARD!  one of my favorite parts of the song is Kanye's ad lib in the back
 yelling "you gonna too hard nigga!" LOL
"Run This Town" ft. Rihanna x K. West
ummm this is cute. lol
"Empire State of Mind" ft. Alicia Keys
AWESOME!! very verry very good song. this is what I mean when I say when this album is
one of jays most creative albums yet.
because of this track...
 awesome song. and Keys is blowing on it. soo its mos def a classic.
"Real as it gets" ft. Young Jeezy
this has Jeezy on it. sooo its almost a 50/50 chance that its a good song. soooooo ummm its good, but its not.
depends on what mood your in.
"On to the next one" ft. Swizz Beatz
"hov on that new shit, niggaz like how come? niggaz want my old shit, buy my old album.
 niggaz stuck on stupid,
 I gotta keep it movin, niggaz make the same shit, Me? I make the Blueprint." 
OK OKOK!!! when I first heard that line I knew what this album was about...
and the beat. MAN OH MAN! if you dont think swizz killed it, KILL yourself!
"Off That" ft Drake.
I'm salty about drake, hes not even rapping on this track.
and THIS track is what I mean about Jay being out of his comfort zone...
this track is just wierd. and the beat is a bit dull.
"A Star is Born" ft. J.Cole
this track gets is ill for ONE reason.... J COLE! #okbye. "got a glow like a lil light saber"
"Venus v. Mars"
ANOTHER jay out of his comfort zone track... :/
"Already Home"ft. Kid Cudi
ENTERTAINING! hands down, good hook, good bars,good topic, its fuckin dope if you ask me.
***not because I'm a kid cudi*** but this is a really good song.
 I like jays delivery on this, and the beat is made chill... ride out to this one...
"Hate" ft. Kanye West
VERY jay, VERY ye. awesome track. but one of those i play every now and again.
and it only sounds good LOUD...
and oh Ye makes Lasers sounds with his mouth lol
This track is downright DISRESPECTFUL!!!!!!! lol jay just takes a giant shit on ALL
 haters,doubters, critics, etc.
"MJ to summer jam, I got obama on a text" i mean damn jay. there
REALLY ISNT  a need to remind us of your status...
but I guess it was needed. either way...after here this all the way through all I can say is: damn jay. 😦
"So Ambitious" ft. Pharrell
my twin aka Pharrell LOL really come thru on the beat and Jay rips it.
 this song is just really really really GOOD. very motivational.
"Young Forever" ft. Mr. Hudson
the album ends just as it started, boring. this track is just eh. like why?
*im done that was my 2 cents on the tracks*
bp3bSO! be sure to cop this album 9-8-09!!!!(it got PUSHED UP was originally 9-11 LOL)
(if the format of this blog is a bit odd, half was done on my phone, other half on the computer, apologies.)

The PremierePoet Society 2.0

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whats up people it is I. Picasso, Premo, Pico, THE premiere poet, or whatever else you people call me. lol I just wanted to take the time out and THANK everyone who comes by the blog every now an then, and those who are weekly visitors! I must say I am flattered. 😀 BUT!!! guess what! i got some news….. (drumroll!) well.. then again maybe its not “news” but or less a P.S.A….

For those who have been apart of The society since day one, you know the overall message and purpose of the group. But if your new to the society, we are an organization of artists that just love to constantly create, and show appreciation for the creative.(In simpler terms.)

anywho, back to the subject at hand. The blog is going into its 2nd year (hence the 2.0) and I think I want to take the society into a different direction. I want to keep the same focus and purpose but I also want to incorporate more of a “variety” to say the least. sooo far the society has showed HUGE love and appreciation for artists, poets, writers, rappers, MC’s, and photographers…. within the next year. I want to add more. I want to have that and then some! I love ALL my poets the constatly contribute thier work to the society, but…. I would love to see more of the fashion designers, interior designers, graphic designers, sketch artists, graffiti artists, etc. basically I want the blog to take a more Artistic and more Passionate approach to everythig now.

also, I want to also make this blog more personal. for me. Now that I dont use facebook anymore, (I guess) its a good idea to make “ME” more accesible to the world… I HOPE this is a good idea. the rise of blogging is at an all time high, and I dont really want to be railroaded into a catagory. :/ (with that being said) I also want to say that: THIS IS NOT A HIP HOP BLOG! (i repeat) THIS IS NOT A HIP HOP BLOG! soooo I appreciate the emails for mixtapes to be posted, trust I really do, but thats not ALL that the society is about. hit up my man 100-grand Rasheed @ for that type of exposure.

BUT! again back to what this is about!

its a new day! the blog is a year old, going on two and its time to hit the REFRESH button. we got a NEW team, and NEW focus, and a NEW outlook on life! 😀

soo with THAT being said I want to introduce the new leaders of the society….!!!! (**= new)

Founder & Poet: Picasso R. (Me.)

Photography: Marlon S. & Alexa H.

Head of Poetry & Creative Writing: DeAnna C. **

2nd Head of Poetry: Michael D.

3rd Head of Poetry: Thandi P.

Head of Film & Visual Arts: Jonathan B. **

2nd Head of Film & Visual Arts: Jenay S.**

Head of Music: Tobi S.**

2nd Head of Music: Jamal F.**

3rd head of Music: Rasheed S. **

Head of Graphic Design: Rashad M.

Head of Fashion: Imani P. **


The PremierePoet’s:


‘Boy Dynasty’– Michael D.

‘Preacha’z Son’– Mike W.

‘ThePoet’– Thandi P.

‘Radiant Theory’– DeAnna C.


‘LoveChild’– Merv B.

‘MakeLove’– Precious P. 


‘D-Moe’- David H.

‘J.Ferb’– Jamal F.

‘DK’– Wayne W.

Devon T.

“Pure, Raw, & UnCut Talent”


V.O.W.: “Soon You’ll Understand” [Mixtape] by Diz Gibran

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I probaly have blogged about this before… but I listen to this tape just about three times a week. lol safe to say I really do fuggs with it..! lol



Thriller Fashion by Terry Richardson

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if you dont know by now, my favorite photographer of this generation is Terry Richardson. sooo on sept 9th he will have this showcase of “Thriller Fashion”.. obvisiously a way to pay homage to the recent passing of our Pop Icon, Michael Jackson.

check it out.. I thought it was pretty cool.





The Linguistics of….

August 4, 2009 § 1 Comment

Lauryn Hill.

“Tell Him”

Yo heh heh tell him its like uhh you know uhh
Sweet sweet tell him

Let me be patient let me be kind
Make me unselfish without being blind
Though I may suffer Ill envy it not
And endure what comes
Cause hes all that I got and
Tell him…

Tell him I need him [yeah]
Tell him I love him [tell him]
And itll be alright
*background singing* telll himmm be alright be alright
Tell him tell him I need him
Tell him I love him
Itll be alright

Now I may have faith to make mountains fall
But if I lack love then I am nothin at all

I can give away everything I possess
But left without love then I have no happiness
I know Im imperfect [i know Im imperfect]
& not without sin [& not without sin]
But now that Im older all childish things end

And tell him…

Tell him I need him [yeah]
Tell him I love him [tell him]
And itll be alright
*background singing* telll himmm be alright be alright
Tell him tell him I need him
Tell him I love him
Itll be alright

Ill never be jealous
And I wont be too kind
Cause love is not boastful
Oooh and love is not loud
Tell him I need him
Tell him I love him
Everythings gonna be alright [w/ adlibs]
Oooh oooh yeah yeah aww yeah

Now I may have wisdom and knowledge on earth
But if I speak wrong then what is it worth?
See what we now know is nothing compared
To the love that was shown when our lives were spared

And tell him…

Tell him I need him [yeah]
Tell him I love him [tell him]
And itll be alright
*background singing* telll himmm be alright be alright
Tell him tell him I need him
Tell him I love him
Itll be alright

Picasso Speaks: If your reading this…. Listen to Lauryn.yes. you. B.

The Linguistics of…

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Rick Ross x Nasir Jones

“Usual Suspects”

Rick Ross: 17 tryna man up,
Feed the fam boy I put that on these damn goods,
All I got was diabetes and a damn hug,
People talkin down callin me a damn scrub,
Young niggas all you wana do is roam free,
On your own feet gotta cook your own beef,
I’m too cool for lame dudes that ridicule,
I laugh while I’m doin laps in the swimmin pool
I don’t owe you niggas nuthin,
Call me 2 fingers when you see a nigga stuntin,
Black philip drummin limousines of the hummer,
Penthouse suite, pretty bitch I call her summer,
Lotta homies pass,
See em in the future,
Moneys so fast, on the gas, never neutral,
Gotta keep a shooter while I’m ridin in the 7,
Higher than a kite by the time I get to heaven.

Doin a 150 miles and runnin,
Get up in ma way then you know that I’m gunnin,
Laff about the doe but really ain’t nutin funny,
Gettin rich in a rush, Yeah you know us,
We the Usual Suspectsss,
The real definition of success,
Throwin money cause I can and I love it,
From nothin, To somethin…
You know us we the Usual Suspectss,
You no the boys on the block wanna take us,
Cause we bringin all of the paper, n
From nothinn, To somethinn,
You know us we the Usual Suspects.

Nas: And still my talent is yet to be challenged,
Had new jet with my own pilot,
No blastin off, but flexin, Dj Khaled,
My mom stressin college,
But my crude sense of logic, did a lude to my empty wallet,
Try spittiin on a green tinted accord,
Which could mean a sentence up north,
Where the homie was, but back then doe was like a whore,
it goldie love, it didn’t exist,
And office foley cuffs, was after my wrists,
Was not beverly hills where we chilled,
Imagine this, the nas n rith,
Had to get from rags to rich,
I used to stand on rooftops, with 2 glocks,
Figurin, how do I turn my timbalands to clocks,
Now reptiles was left out about a watch,
What is you thinkin? Murk u,
plus the muscle that you bringin is nothin to me,
If you thuggin, a fake and shaked on cuban,
Shout out my ricans,
Down with all of you gangstas, to the roughest jamiacans & Haitans

Doin a 150 miles and runnin,
Get up in ma way then you know that I’m gunnin,
Laff about the doe but really ain’t nutin funny,
Gettin rich in a rush, Yeah you know us,
We the Usual Suspectsss,
The real definition of success,
Throwin money cause I can and I love it,
From nothin, To somethin…
You know us we the Usual Suspectss,
You no the boys on the block wanna take us,
Cause we bringin all of the paper, n
From nothinn, To somethinn,
You know us we the Usual Suspects.

Rick Ross: If you ballin physics, nigga money never flow,
Meanin every day I’m livin, tryna stay on flow,
Coming from a BOSS, I can predict a double cross,
Handlers managin money, they never come across.
I spend in Africa, Magnamers, numbers involved,
AK47s, Singin win or by sum or you fall?
I dealt with brawls, and those willin to sell they soul,
Over cars and clothes, man am talkin petty hoes,
Ask ma feddi grow,
Fuck her feed her spaghetti-o’s.
I’m club poppin in cali shout out to harry-o ,
Somebody dim the lights,
Triple black tuts,
Caz associated and the flesh is tryna catch up,
I roam with niggas who destined to get a life sentence,
Get they baby mama a lexus for them nice visits,
Ma nigga got a dub an love to do the push ups,
I got a million cash, tryna get the kush up.



The Linguistics of…

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Amy Whinehouse

this is semi-ironic because I was just speaking to someone about how GREAT Back To Black was… and its one of those albums that like not just ONE group of people can relate too.. but all people can. Amy is soo soulful in her music and yet still manages to entertain. Listening to Back to Black all the way through from start to finish is more than JUST listening to music. its the album that tells YOUR story with her voice. and I must say it is in my top 50 greastest albums of allll time…

“He Can Only Hold Her”

By Amy Whinehouse

He can only hold her for so long
The lights are on but no one’s home
She’s so vacant Her soul is taken
He thinks “What she’s running from?”
How can he have her heart
When it got stole
Though he tries to pacify her
Whats inside her never dies
Even if she’s content in his warmth
She gets pained with urgency
Urgent kisses
The miss misses
The man that he longs to be
Now how can he have her heart
When it got stole
So he tries to pass it by
Cause what’s inside’ll never die
As he tries to pacify her
Cause whats inside her never dies


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