PremierePoetSociety: “The Blueprint 3” by Jay-Z Album Review

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Alright it is. MY review of the long awaited "The
Blueprint 3" album from everyones favorite rapper Jay Z. Now before I
begin. I always have to state my position and why I am standing by my!

This is a review based on my own personal views and feelings towards
the album. My views and opinions are in no way influenced by an
outsider or third party. This literally me telling you why I may or
not like the album.

Sooooo the idea of a blueprint 3 had everyone in a frenzy that not
only is JAY Z dropping another album but its going to be a THIRD
blueprint !?!????? Nooooooo! This can't be true. But. It is.......

A few moments later we found out that THE hottest producer is going
to produce the entire album. Mr. Kanye West!!!! Nooooooo! And yet
again. That was true. Now I would say the overall feeling towards
that idea was 50/50. Because at that moment kanye was still on tour
going around the world singing & crying on stage in auto-tune sooooo
on the PRODUCTION side of things I knew BP3 was going to be
illllllllll! Why? Because ye did it.

So fast forward some more.....not only will Ye head the project BUT!
Other producers like No I.D., pharrell, and timbo pop up....whoa.
Whoa. Whoa..... Wait a second are these the same producers from BP x
BP2 !?! uhhh yea. But also some new faces.... Now! That's where I got
a little wierded out.


Same rapper, new sound? This should be.........interesting?

I mean... BP was a classic. So here's the third one...?  Its not an
american gangster...its MOS DEF not kingdom come 😦 nor is it a black
album... Sooo what is it?

It is Jay Z making GOOD music. Just down right pop the disc in a ride
out good music. Which in MANY cases nowadays is RARE among the
industry's leading artist. Jay managed to bring together
creative,unique, and untraditional artists and producers on this
album. Just because its blueprint 3 and a new JAY Z album
we(especiallly myself) have a high expection for him to provide us
with another "classic" well......ladies & gentlemen...... This is a

Yes, The Blueprint 3, is a classic.

why? Well simply because its an album of progression. The way we are
Accustom to listen to our music is ultimately not the same anymore.
 From the moment we press play to the very last second of an album.
An artist has already taken us with them.on a journey through their
minds and and creative process while entertaining us as well. From
this moment forward...there will be no such thing as a "standard hip
hop" album.

 From that being said. The blueprint 3. (to me) isnt THAT good. why? well its seems to be out of Jays comfort zone,
but on the other hand its his most creative work yet..
DOPENESS SCORE: 8.7 out of 10
bp3c-1*just my little 2 cents on the tracks.*
"What we talkin' about" ft. Luke Steele 
Ummmm this was quite boring to me, lyrically Jay is being...well Jay. but the whole melody of this track is
 annoying and I havent been to fond of Luke Steele...
"Thank You"
"hold your applause, this your song not miness.." I feel like this track should of been on The Black Album, Jay is
 really letting us know what hes done for the game..and well...
we should say thank you.
"D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)"
ILL TRACK!!!! like this is mos def one of those tracks I keep in repeat
 NOT ONLY IS HE lyrically MURDERING the track
but the sample is MMMEEAAANNN!!!!
those horns in the background, the drums,
everything is HARD!  one of my favorite parts of the song is Kanye's ad lib in the back
 yelling "you gonna too hard nigga!" LOL
"Run This Town" ft. Rihanna x K. West
ummm this is cute. lol
"Empire State of Mind" ft. Alicia Keys
AWESOME!! very verry very good song. this is what I mean when I say when this album is
one of jays most creative albums yet.
because of this track...
 awesome song. and Keys is blowing on it. soo its mos def a classic.
"Real as it gets" ft. Young Jeezy
this has Jeezy on it. sooo its almost a 50/50 chance that its a good song. soooooo ummm its good, but its not.
depends on what mood your in.
"On to the next one" ft. Swizz Beatz
"hov on that new shit, niggaz like how come? niggaz want my old shit, buy my old album.
 niggaz stuck on stupid,
 I gotta keep it movin, niggaz make the same shit, Me? I make the Blueprint." 
OK OKOK!!! when I first heard that line I knew what this album was about...
and the beat. MAN OH MAN! if you dont think swizz killed it, KILL yourself!
"Off That" ft Drake.
I'm salty about drake, hes not even rapping on this track.
and THIS track is what I mean about Jay being out of his comfort zone...
this track is just wierd. and the beat is a bit dull.
"A Star is Born" ft. J.Cole
this track gets is ill for ONE reason.... J COLE! #okbye. "got a glow like a lil light saber"
"Venus v. Mars"
ANOTHER jay out of his comfort zone track... :/
"Already Home"ft. Kid Cudi
ENTERTAINING! hands down, good hook, good bars,good topic, its fuckin dope if you ask me.
***not because I'm a kid cudi*** but this is a really good song.
 I like jays delivery on this, and the beat is made chill... ride out to this one...
"Hate" ft. Kanye West
VERY jay, VERY ye. awesome track. but one of those i play every now and again.
and it only sounds good LOUD...
and oh Ye makes Lasers sounds with his mouth lol
This track is downright DISRESPECTFUL!!!!!!! lol jay just takes a giant shit on ALL
 haters,doubters, critics, etc.
"MJ to summer jam, I got obama on a text" i mean damn jay. there
REALLY ISNT  a need to remind us of your status...
but I guess it was needed. either way...after here this all the way through all I can say is: damn jay. 😦
"So Ambitious" ft. Pharrell
my twin aka Pharrell LOL really come thru on the beat and Jay rips it.
 this song is just really really really GOOD. very motivational.
"Young Forever" ft. Mr. Hudson
the album ends just as it started, boring. this track is just eh. like why?
*im done that was my 2 cents on the tracks*
bp3bSO! be sure to cop this album 9-8-09!!!!(it got PUSHED UP was originally 9-11 LOL)
(if the format of this blog is a bit odd, half was done on my phone, other half on the computer, apologies.)

P.O.W.: “Dear, December…” by PremierePoet Boy Dynasty

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Dear December,

I need your help.
I wish it would just be here already.
Not ’cause I’m looking forward to graduating, but seeing the girl I love.
All I ever wanted was a chance to be with her doing whatever and having fun.
Right now, I can’t do any of that.
I can do everything else if she lets me and wants me to.
I wish she needed me, though.
Nothing hurts more to love someone when they are confused and don’t realize what’s being done for them.

I never had to be there.
I wanted to and I still am. And it feels like now I’m the one being pushed away.
Some love lasts a lifetime. But true love lasts forever.
A relationship that’s forever, with no ends.
But what I have is more than just a connection.
I have someone who I feel is truly special.
A girl that deserves to be happy.
Someone who deserves to be loved. But to be loved by me.
The longer she’s away from me, the more I want her to be in my life.

I don’t just love her because she loves me. I love her because of who I am when I am with her.
It hurts me to think that this could really be it. That its over. That I should just leave and find someone else. But thats not what I want to do. Would she really be happy though? Finding someone else. Finding a guy like me is difficult. but not impossible.

Maybe she will find someone else that is like me. Or she sees something in him that reminds her of me.
She always said we were two hearts as one.
And distance has brought us to were we are.
The only difference is I know who I love and always will love. NO MATTER WHAT.
I’m not going to just sit here and lose the most important girl in my life.
I will always be here for her. I know so.

I just wish December would come here sooner.
I don’t know about her, but I won’t just live my life without not getting the chance to spend time with the girl I love and care about more than life itself.
It’s painful that the messages are no longer the same. I call. The signal is always busy.
Having to almost plead just to speak to the only person in the world you actually want to talk too.
She said I was her no.1 and was the one who understands her the most.
Maybe one day she will realize that I won’t do anything stupid to hurt her like all her other boyfriends did…


The PremierePoet Society 2.0

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whats up people it is I. Picasso, Premo, Pico, THE premiere poet, or whatever else you people call me. lol I just wanted to take the time out and THANK everyone who comes by the blog every now an then, and those who are weekly visitors! I must say I am flattered. 😀 BUT!!! guess what! i got some news….. (drumroll!) well.. then again maybe its not “news” but or less a P.S.A….

For those who have been apart of The society since day one, you know the overall message and purpose of the group. But if your new to the society, we are an organization of artists that just love to constantly create, and show appreciation for the creative.(In simpler terms.)

anywho, back to the subject at hand. The blog is going into its 2nd year (hence the 2.0) and I think I want to take the society into a different direction. I want to keep the same focus and purpose but I also want to incorporate more of a “variety” to say the least. sooo far the society has showed HUGE love and appreciation for artists, poets, writers, rappers, MC’s, and photographers…. within the next year. I want to add more. I want to have that and then some! I love ALL my poets the constatly contribute thier work to the society, but…. I would love to see more of the fashion designers, interior designers, graphic designers, sketch artists, graffiti artists, etc. basically I want the blog to take a more Artistic and more Passionate approach to everythig now.

also, I want to also make this blog more personal. for me. Now that I dont use facebook anymore, (I guess) its a good idea to make “ME” more accesible to the world… I HOPE this is a good idea. the rise of blogging is at an all time high, and I dont really want to be railroaded into a catagory. :/ (with that being said) I also want to say that: THIS IS NOT A HIP HOP BLOG! (i repeat) THIS IS NOT A HIP HOP BLOG! soooo I appreciate the emails for mixtapes to be posted, trust I really do, but thats not ALL that the society is about. hit up my man 100-grand Rasheed @ for that type of exposure.

BUT! again back to what this is about!

its a new day! the blog is a year old, going on two and its time to hit the REFRESH button. we got a NEW team, and NEW focus, and a NEW outlook on life! 😀

soo with THAT being said I want to introduce the new leaders of the society….!!!! (**= new)

Founder & Poet: Picasso R. (Me.)

Photography: Marlon S. & Alexa H.

Head of Poetry & Creative Writing: DeAnna C. **

2nd Head of Poetry: Michael D.

3rd Head of Poetry: Thandi P.

Head of Film & Visual Arts: Jonathan B. **

2nd Head of Film & Visual Arts: Jenay S.**

Head of Music: Tobi S.**

2nd Head of Music: Jamal F.**

3rd head of Music: Rasheed S. **

Head of Graphic Design: Rashad M.

Head of Fashion: Imani P. **


The PremierePoet’s:


‘Boy Dynasty’– Michael D.

‘Preacha’z Son’– Mike W.

‘ThePoet’– Thandi P.

‘Radiant Theory’– DeAnna C.


‘LoveChild’– Merv B.

‘MakeLove’– Precious P. 


‘D-Moe’- David H.

‘J.Ferb’– Jamal F.

‘DK’– Wayne W.

Devon T.

“Pure, Raw, & UnCut Talent”


“That Girl” by Radiant Theory [a.k.a. DeAnna C.]

August 20, 2009 § 1 Comment

“That Girl”

by: Radiant Theory

I wanna be that girl you thought you forgot
That girl that shows up years later
In you perfect little world
Equipped with the perfect life
The perfect girl
The perfect job
And turns all that bullshit upside down
The girl that makes you realize
That all you thought was so picture perfect
Aint so perfect with out me
Cuz see anything can look good
If you dont allow yourself to see better
An you been actin like you couldn’t see me for year
Just so your little fairytale
Wouldn’t turn into a reality
And come crashing down in front of you
Like the kid that sees his mom sneek gifts from santa under the tree on Christmas eve
I was your present
Not presently
But i mean i was your gift
That girl that balanced your equation
Put us on a scale we were equal
Eye to ey
Was a piss poor explanation for how well we saw each other
But now im just that girl
The one that has his girlfriend a lil bit worried
About what he still thinks of me
That girl
The one that makes you rethink her
and it becomes a lil bit less about love
and a lil bit more about common sense
that girl that has you thinking
“maybe this wasnt the right road”
Tho yesterday your job seemed fine
now your career bath looks partly cloudy
but ya life forecast was always clear with me
Im now that girl that got your girl second guessing you
thought she knew who you was
but now shes askin who?
“who was that on the phone?”
“was it that girl?”
That girl thats got her wonderin where
“where have you been all day”
“were you with that girl?”
That girl thats got her questioning when
“When were you gonna tell me yall were friends again?”
“when you left me for her?”
That girl
That girl you thought he had forgoten
That you had convinced him he was over
After he dropped the ball with me
you came and rebounded that shit
thought you could be that girl
but you forget im it
that girl
the one whom
a chance siting of after 4 years
in a supermarket on a busy sunday
can change everything
change what you thought you had
change what he thought you were worth
and now for the girlfriend who was so sure of herself
so sure of her position
things just got a little confusing
but trust
confusion will subside
and youll see hes not my past
hes just not presently my present
and if you thought that mattered
you clearly dont know our future
cuz to him ill always be the one
….not you
….im that girl
-Radiant Theory


P.O.W.: “The Realness” by M. Boy Dynasty

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“The Realness”

by: M.  Boy Dynasty

It’s Silent.
So Simple.
Yet Subtle.
Cause of Concern, even for the Slightest Reason.

Golden && Deadly.
But not sure which one to Choose.
Because Silence doesn’t usually CHOOSE YOU.
You can have a Silent aspect of your Personality, not outgoing like, well like, how YOU use to be.
But Still somehow remain being the Motivation.

Silence is the worst when it comes to Love.
All the akward “hi’s and bye’s”, or the “how are you’s?”
Hope YOU had a good day.
Yeah, YOU too.

Or what about the Silence between friends.
The People YOU thought YOU would always know, became what YOU knew.
But in Reality, even if you’ve known someone for years or months.
It really can be the best or worst experience or experiences of your life.

“It’s better to have Loved and Lost, than to have never Loved at all.”
Great to just take a chance on someone that YOU feel, No truly feel, is worth it.
For every Asshole, their lies a good guy.
A really good guy is hard to find though, so when you have him, what are you going to do?

YOU could be that girl, that had a really good life, but was unsuccessful when it came to Love.
I know this to be true, because that was me, and YOU.
At one point, at this point, or at any point that can and will come at any given time.
YOU could be looking for Love, but not loving yourself.
Looking for someone to Love, when you Love everyone.

I find that the hardest thing to do- for some reason.
When YOU Love everyone, it starts to feel the Same, even when you’re with your Someone.
But that isn’t always true.
Somehow you’re able to just know the difference of being with your girl or your man.

The hard part is to know how to act.
Even the Most Mature have a hard time being with their girl, and hanging out with the fellas.
But when your girl introduces YOU to her friends.
I anticipate the questions to come.
He’s cute. That’s his name. He doesn’t have a job… or a car… don’t want to hear it. He’s a Lame.

But what about the things that he does do? If he is always there, or at least puts in all that he can to make it work. Shouldn’t that count for something? even for a little sympathy?!

But I can understand the logic of thinking.
A girl wants Protection && Security.
But Miss. Independent doesn’t need protection, or security, but Love.
With Love so much can be accomplished.
It takes a great man and women in order to be complete.

Truly, I am not Amazing.
Amazing is sticking to your dream, no matter what.
Sticking to your boyfriend or girlfriend, no matter what.
Standing up to what you believe in, without backing down.
Continue to do what YOU know best.

Living. Breathing. Being.. being free.
Silent Summer. Irony.
Irony is this Summer has changed a lot into me. Literally.
I feel different. Think and act differently.
But what have I or YOU brought to this summer?

As long as I got my girl, I know everything will be alright.
Knowing that I can sleep anytime I want to.
Or not sleep at all.
For my dreams are no longer better than Reality.

She’s my Reason to have a Reason.
Silent Summer?
I’m just in Love with everything, this season.

How would YOU feel, when YOU get your 1st gray hair, but then realize it’s only from Stress.
Time to Breathe in and Breathe out.
Calm down, time for Relaxation.

Yesterday is in the Past.
Tomorrow is in the Future.
Today, I’m just thinking Presently about Life’s greatest gifts.

The Realness is everything that reality is.
Everything that we see and yet fail to see.
Everything that we hear and yet not hear- due to missinterpretation.

The Realness is you’ll be hearing from me soon. Tell me when he’s Not There.
I don’t care about being the best as long as YOU promise to never forget ME.. EVER.

Love ME.. When I’m GONE.


“Welcome Back” by Picasso.

August 11, 2009 § 2 Comments

From the bottom where he was resting, he always thought he was 1st up, but kept 2nd guessing.

Full of Doubt & Defeat.

They scream his name in admiration, the whisper their  thoughts of judgement.

God is watching, bite your tongue.

From the bottom where he looked up to see the stars, the dreams that he still chases.

welcome back, Brenton Jacobs.

“Hell Hath No Fury” by Picasso.

August 10, 2009 § 2 Comments

“Hell Hath No Fury”

by: picasso.

I keep forgetting that I need to remember the time spent,

I would just sit. pen in hand, pad in my hindsight, struggling.

words piece together, it wasnt rhyming.

I look back at my past, only to measure how Far I’ve been.

I only drop on one knee, to ask god forgive me of my sin.

I try my hardest to look past the brick wall, thick fog, and everything preventing from progress.

I eat whatever is in front of me, lord willin’ me to digest.

I cant let it get to me father, I cant digresss.

I give my all to everything, and everyone, I dont expect compensation or a thank you.

I just want to look you in your eyes,and see that I’m an angel.

For some odd reason, your perception and my expectations gets lost in translation.


I put my guards for a reason. season after season after season. trust me, there was a reason.

but this particular time….

maybe its the reason why, I’m forgetting that I need to remeber the time spent…

when they penetrated my guards, my emotions began to fall, grumbling down with it was all and everything that was right at sometime.

maybe it wasnt I had wanted, but it was comfortable for the moment.

sieze the day.

cant teach an old bitch new tricks, thats what the old folks say. I take heed to the words spoken, because their wisdom is my token to true happiness.

whats happening?

the rage of an angel has yet to emerge. constantly being pushed to an edge, but I wont fall off.

the times isnt now, lord willin’ its getting close…

lord willin’

lord willin’

As I walk through valley of the shadow of death…

I continue on this journey, alone.


heart reverting back to its form of stone.

I will fear no evil…

for the pain that resides in me. shall be released.

lord willin’,

Hell Hath No Fury, like the broken heart of an angel.


*Picasso Speaks: whats up!?!!? I know its been awhile since I have actually posted something from me, on my own poetry blog. lol.. but anywho… I wrote less than a week ago. offff course i was hit with some random emotional feeling, so I translated it into this… and AGAIN for those who dont know. I NEVER ever. write about my life or me. unless I say otherwise. so this has nothing to do with me.(well maybe a little.) but still lol. I Hope you enjoy it. and if you have ANY questions, comments, or ANYTHING I am free to answer them. just email me or leave a comment.*

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